Paganism Study Course – Lesson Three – Norse Paganism (Part Two)


Second part of Norse paganism study. Topics include the three most famous stories of Odin, the sacrifice of Odin on the worldtree, occultism and Norse beliefs, reincarnation, Norse religion and the nephilim, the afterlife.


Lesson Three is the second part of the study on Norse religion.

  • The Three Most Famous Stories of Odin.
  • Acquiring the Mead of Poetry.
  • The Sacrifice of Odin’s Eye.
  • The Sacrifice of Odin on the Worldtree.
  • Evaluation of the Occultism of Norse Beliefs.
  • Psychic Energy and Magic.
  • Reincarnation?
  • Demonic Energy.
  • What Norse Occultism Teaches Us About Norse Religion.
  • Odin and the Nephilim.
  • The Magic of Odin Like That of the Nephilim.
  • Odin the Wanderer and the Nephilim.
  • The Afterlife.

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