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Growing Roots in the Faith: 15 Studies for New Converts by [Mark Tabata]

Becoming a Christian is just the start of your journey in the faith. This series of lessons, each of which can be finished in a single sitting, will help you lay a solid foundation to start your walk with God. These lessons were created by an evangelist who has been working with churches of Christ for 20 years. They have a special emphasis on apologetics, focusing on building a person’s faith in God, Jesus, and the Bible.

The Alleged Lost Books of the Bible: Are there missing books of scripture? by [Mark Tabata]

The Book of Jasher? The Book of Enoch? The Gospel of Mary Magdalene? For years people have claimed that there are missing books of the Bible: books which were suppressed by power hungry church counsels. Is this true? This book, in a series of six lessons, will thoroughly investigate this claim and show that in truth there are no lost books of the Bible.

Christian Articles From The Trenches: Detailed Newspaper Articles Regarding Christian Evidences by [Mark Tabata]

A series of newspaper articles written about the existence of God, the inspiration of the Bible, the Deity of Christ, and related matters. These are written from the vantage point of conversations from the personal work of evangelist Mark Tabata, as he has experienced with atheists and other skeptics. Subjects such as Creation/Evolution, the Age of the Earth, dinosaurs, aliens, the Da Vinci Code, Gnosticism, the Canon of Scripture, the problem of evil, pain, and suffering, etc.

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