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Growing Roots in the Faith: 15 Studies for New Converts by [Mark Tabata]

Becoming a Christian is just the start of your journey in the faith. This series of lessons, each of which can be finished in a single sitting, will help you lay a solid foundation to start your walk with God. These lessons were created by an evangelist who has been working with churches of Christ for 20 years. They have a special emphasis on apologetics, focusing on building a person’s faith in God, Jesus, and the Bible.

The Alleged Lost Books of the Bible: Are there missing books of scripture? by [Mark Tabata]

The Book of Jasher? The Book of Enoch? The Gospel of Mary Magdalene? For years people have claimed that there are missing books of the Bible: books which were suppressed by power hungry church counsels. Is this true? This book, in a series of six lessons, will thoroughly investigate this claim and show that in truth there are no lost books of the Bible.

Christian Articles From The Trenches: Detailed Newspaper Articles Regarding Christian Evidences by [Mark Tabata]

A series of newspaper articles written about the existence of God, the inspiration of the Bible, the Deity of Christ, and related matters. These are written from the vantage point of conversations from the personal work of evangelist Mark Tabata, as he has experienced with atheists and other skeptics. Subjects such as Creation/Evolution, the Age of the Earth, dinosaurs, aliens, the Da Vinci Code, Gnosticism, the Canon of Scripture, the problem of evil, pain, and suffering, etc.

Thoroughly researched, and plainly written, UFOs: A Study Course will give you a whole new way to think about the topic of Aliens, UFOs, and Close Encounters.

Mark Tabata considers the reliable testimony of reputable people who describe their alien encounters, as well as the writings of those who have studied the phenomenon for decades, and shows (using science, reason, and the Bible) how these events point to something more sinister than simply beings from another planet.

Grab your copy today!

Paperback: 11.99

Kindle: 4.99

Have you ever struggled when someone challenges your faith in God?

Maybe you don’t know what to say, or you don’t understand their objections–or maybe you just aren’t as prepared as you want to be.

This book is designed just for you!

Using his own personal studies with others, as well as sharing expert testimony from others, Mark Tabata wants to help you become a great defender of the truth that God exists!

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Paperback: 8.21

Kindle: 5.99

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Have you ever studied the Bible with Satanists, Witches, LGBT+, Atheists, or Agnostics? Mark Tabata has, and has brought many of them to Christ. How? By proving to them the Bible is inspired.

Using real conversations from his years of studying with people (including a guy who tried to kill him), Mark covers the Supernatural Unity of the Bible, Archaeology and the Bible, Scientific Foreknowledge of the Bible, Fulfilled Prophecy in the Bible, and the controversial Bible Codes.

If you want to know the evidence, and how to use it to reach even the hardest-to-reach people, grab this book now!

Paperback: 13.99

Kindle: 5.99

Was Jesus created from paganism? Are the Norse gods real? Can Wicca answer all your burning questions? Is Buddhist reincarnation logical?

Mark Tabata covers these and many more in this study, designed to help you better understand what these religions actually teach, what their origins are, and how to determine which (if any) are true.

This is a perfect tool to use with those who have embraced Wicca, Norse mythology, or Buddhism, showing the truth of Jesus Christ to them in love and logic.

Paperback: 11.99

Kindle: 2.99

More and more Americans have become mesmorized by the teaching of reincarnation. At the same time, public opinion toward Christianity has taken a nose dive. People are asking questions, like:How do you know there is really a God?
Why should we believe the Bible is from God?
Why should people accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God?
Weren’t there books removed from the Bible because the Church didn’t like what they taught?
Doesn’t Karma provide an answer to the problem of evil, pain, and suffering?
Do past-life experiences prove that reincarnation is true?

These questions and more you will find thoroughly examined in this book.

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