Triumphing Over The Storms Of Life: Part Two

 In our last article, we noticed some of the important lessons from God's Word about dealing with the storms of life. We will continue our study through this passage of Scripture:  Matthew 14:22-33-Immediately Jesus made His disciples get into the boat and go before Him to the other side, while He sent the multitudes away.... Continue Reading →

Triumphing Over The Storms Of Life:  Part One

We live in some very difficult times, don't we?   Terrorist threats; sickness; death of loved ones; chemical pollution; food poisoning; the constant threat of international war; marriage problems; weekly and monthly bills; trying to make ends meet; friends and family members in jail, or the hospitals, or in some way or another always in trouble;... Continue Reading →


The Book of Revelation contains some powerful and much needed insights for the church of Christ of our day and age. In this article, let's consider one powerful lesson in particular: the need to be constantly "watching."    When the Lord directed the Apostle John to write his Epistle to the church of Christ at... Continue Reading →

The Great Sadness: Part One

One of my favorite aspects of the Shack is its' highlighting of a common problem that all humans face (although some to greater degrees): the problem of depression. In the Shack, Mack's depression is called The Great Sadness. We read: "Little distractions like the ice storm were a welcome although brief respite from the haunting... Continue Reading →

Papa-He Or She ?  

I remember when I first suggested The Shack to sister Barbara Fields. I told her how impressed that I was with it, and she had read some other books I recommended. (She was totally a disbeliever in Christian Fiction books, until I got her to read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers; she called me a... Continue Reading →

The Restoration Of The Broken

Perhaps one of my favorite themes of the Shack is the that of the broken being restored. We see this right from the beginning-the ways that the Trinity take things which are broken and desolate and bring forth life and beauty. When Mack receives the letter from Papa and returns to the shack that was... Continue Reading →

Can We Trust Papa?  

By: Mark Tabata (Evangelist) Throughout the Shack, we read about how Mack deals with "the Great Sadness."  In the story, this is a horrible form of depression that he struggles with and against. In another article, I will share some thoughts about the subject of "depression."  But right now, I want to deal with the... Continue Reading →

My Ebenezer  

By: Mark Tabata (Evangelist) One of my favorite stories of the Bible is found in the Book of I Samuel. The people of Israel were being attacked by the Philistines, but The Lord intervened and helped them. The Prophet, Samuel, created a monument to God as a reminder to the people.  We read: I Samuel... Continue Reading →

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