Paganism Study Course Now Available!


My friends, I have been working for the last several months on various study courses that can be purchased and downloaded. I have recently finished the course on Paganism and would like to ask you to consider purchasing it.

Each lesson is extremely detailed and documented with thorough Study Questions at the end. Here is a brief description of what is covered in each lesson.

Lesson One is an Introduction To Paganism. Does God Exist? Pagan Scriptures. Proof. Was Jesus Christ A Pagan? The Proof Of Miracles. Other Ancient Historians Confirm The Miracles Of Jesus. Jesus Christ Was Not A Pagan Sorcerer. Proof Of The Bible. Does The Bible Teach That There Are Many Gods? Doesn’t The Bible Teach That There Is Only One God? The One True God.

Lesson Two is the first part of the study of the Norse religion. The Scriptures Of The Norse Religion. The Nine Realms. Let’s Start With Odin. Proof. Archaeology. Prophecy. Did Christianity Steal Norse Religious Belief? The Foreshadowing Of The Gospel In Norse Mythology.

Lesson Three is the second part of the study on Norse religion. The Three Most Famous Stories Of Odin. Acquiring The Mead Of Poetry. The Sacrifice Of Odin’s Eye. The Sacrifice Of Odin On The Worldtree. Evaluation Of The Occultism Of Norse Beliefs. Psychic Energy And Magic. Reincarnation? Demonic Energy. What Norse Occultism Teaches Us About Norse Religion. Odin And The Nephilim. The Magic Of Odin Like That Of The Nephilim. Odin The Wanderer And The Nephilim. The Afterlife.

Lesson Four is a study of Buddhism. Origins. God. Karma And Samsara. Nirvana. Holy Scriptures Of Buddhism. The Four Noble Truths. Logical Problems With The Basic Teachings Of Buddhism.

Lesson Five is part one of the study of Wicca. The God And The Goddess Of Wicca. Taking A Closer Look At The Lord And The Lady In Wicca. God As Both Male And Female. Does The Bible View Women Negatively? Protecting The Planet.

Lesson Six is part two of the study on Wicca. Origins Of Wicca And The Queen Of Heaven. Simon The Sorcerer. Who Are The Gnostics? Chart Of Prominent Gnostics And Gnostic Groups. Gnostic Scriptures. A Closer Look At Simon Magus And His Probable Connections To The Origins Of Wicca. The Bloody History Of The Goddess. Elementals.

Lesson Seven is a Conclusion to the series. Reincarnation. Cryptomnesia. Influence From Disembodied Spirits. Looking At The Bible. What Everything Boils Down To. The Good News Of Jesus Christ.

The lessons are two dollars a piece, or you can purchase the entire set for a discounted price of ten dollars.

The lessons can be printed out and shared as needed.

With as many people in our country that are turning to Paganism, I believe this Study Course will be a blessing. First to the non-Christians who study it, and also to Christians who are wanting to further their education of these matters and who also want to reach their friends and neighbors with the Good News of Jesus.

Here is the link to the Paganism Study Courses:

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