Understanding Islam (Part Six)

It is written:

“Don’t lie to each other. You have taken off those old clothes—the person you once were and the bad things you did then. 10  Now you are wearing a new life, a life that is new every day. You are growing in your understanding of the one who made you. You are becoming more and more like him.” (Colossians 3:9-10)

Many in our country do not understand that Islam authorizes Muslims to lie to their non-Muslim neighbors to try and promote their religion. It is another form of jihad. Mark Gabriel has written:

“Philosopher Ibn Taymiyah (1263-1328) wrote a book titled The Sword on the Neck of the Accuser of Muhammad. In it he described how Muslims should live in the weakened stage. Believers when in a weakened stage in a non-Muslim country should forgive and be patient with people of the book [i.e., Jews and Christians] when they insult Allah and his prophet by any means. Believers should lie to people of the book to protect their lives and religion. i In other words, it’s OK to lie to non-Muslims to protect yourself when you are a minority in their country. There’s a simple Islamic proverb that says, “If you can’t cut your enemies’ hand, kiss it.”2 This is clear in the prophet Muhammad’s life and his teaching in Mecca and after. The peaceful lamb of Mecca, after immigrating to Medina, became a roaring lion that threatened the whole Arabian Desert….The first time that the prophet Muhammad permitted denying Islam or him as a prophet was with Amar Ben Yasser.3 Yasser, who was one of Muhammad’s friends, was captured and held hostage by the tribe of Quraysh. The tribe tortured Yasser, so he denied Muhammad and Islam to gain freedom. As soon as they set him free, he went back to Muhammad and confessed what had happened. Prophet Muhammad told Yasser that if that ever happened to him again he should do exactly what he did with no shame. At a different time, the prophet Muhammad heard that one of his enemies (Sha’ban Bin Khalid Al-Hindi) was preparing his troops to fight the Muslims. Muhammad sent Abdullah bin Anis Aljohani to assassinate this enemy. Aljohani asked the prophet Muhammad to describe the man that he was supposed to kill. Muhammad told him to go and join the enemies’ troops, curse Islam and Muhammad, and that he would find Al-Hindi that way. Prophet Muhammad’s messenger went to the enemies’ camp. When he identified the leader, he struck up a conversation and cursed Muhammad and his people. To make a long story short, Aljohani was able to build a close enough relationship with his victim to cut off his head when he was sleeping. He brought the head to the prophet. We see here that the prophet Muhammad’s messenger used lying-denying the faith and cursing prophet Muhammad-in order to accomplish his mission.4” (Mark A. Gabriel, Ph. D., Islam And Terrorism: What The Quran Really Teaches About Christianity, Violence, And The Goals of The Islamic Jihad, 792-821 (Kindle Edition); Lake Mary, Florida; Frontline)

When we believe what many Muslims tell us-that Islam is a religion of “peace,”-we are the victims of Islamic jihad.

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