Understanding Islam (Part Five)

It is written:

“The devil said to him, “I will make you king over all these places. You will have power over them, and you will get all the glory. It has all been given to me. I can give it to anyone I want. 7  I will give it all to you, if you will only worship me.” (Luke 4:6-7)

Just as the devil promised Jesus the world if the Son of God would serve him, so the god of Islam offers carnal rewards and promises to those who would lay down their lives in jihad.

For example:

“Sexual enticements play an integral element in recruiting Jihadists. The late author and journalist Muhammad Galal Al-Kushk wrote; “The men in Paradise have sexual relations not only with the women who come from this world and with ‘the black-eyed,’ but also with the serving boys.” According to Kurum, Al-Kushk also stated, “In Paradise, a believer’s penis is eternally erect.” 69” (Walid Shoebat with Joel Richardson, God’s War On Terror: Islam, Prophecy, And The Bible-A fresh understanding of Biblical prophecy from an Eastern perspective as viewed by an ex-Muslim terrorist, 2123 (Kindle Edition))

Of course, what women receive from jihad has never really been addressed in the Koran. One former Muslim turned Christian Mark Gabriel has written:

“If women are equal to men, why does the Quran say: 1. A Muslim man can be married to four women at the same time, but a Muslim woman can only be married to one man. “Marry (other) women of your choice, two or three, or four” (Surah 4:3, The Noble Quran). 2. Men have the right to ask for a divorce, but not women (Surah 2:229). 3. Women only inherit half of what men inherit (Surah 4:11). 4. Women may not serve as imams, and they are not allowed to lead prayer in the presence of men. (Man must always be above woman according to Surah 4:34.) 5. A woman is not allowed to answer the door at home if her husband is not there, even if it’s her brother or a relative at the door. (This is derived from Surah 33:53, where Muhammad was giving instructions to people who visited his home. He said that if he wasn’t home, they had to speak to his wives through a screen.) 6. Women should stay in their houses (Surah 33:33). Many Muslim women cannot travel without the permission of their fathers or husbands. 7. If a wife refuses to have sexual relations with her husband, it is permissible for the husband to physically beat her until she submits (Surah 4:34). 8. During jihad, when a man dies, he goes to heaven and Allah rewards him with incredible energy to enjoy sex with seventy virgins the first night. What happens if a woman dies in jihad? What is her reward-to be one of the seventy?” (Mark Gabriel, Islam And Terrorism: What The Quran Really Teaches About Christianity, Violence, And The Goals Of The Islamic Jihad, 429-439 (Kindle Edition); Lake Mary, Florida; FrontLine)

As we will see, there are several different types of “jihad” or “holy war” that are authorized by the Koran.

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