The Shriners (Two)

It is written:

“A woman must not wear men’s clothes, and a man must not wear women’s clothes. That is disgusting to the LORD your God.” (Deuteronomy 22:5)


“”I will turn against those who eat blood whether they are citizens of Israel or foreigners living among you, I will separate them from their people.” (Leviticus 17:10)

Part of the Shriner Initiation Ritual involves dressing men as women, and also imitating the drinking of blood.

From The Mystic Shrine Initiation Ritual:

“This is the place where our brethren stop to sprinkle the Devil’s Pass with urine. You will contribute a few drops of urine to commemorate the time and place where all who pass here renounce the wiles and evils fo the world to worship at the Shrine of Islam. Only a few drops will do. Candidate begins to obey instructions when the blinder is jerked from his eyes and he beholds before him a group disguised as women, with bonneted faced and capes showing, the rest of their bodies hid by a screen. He is allowed to escape from the room amid a roar of laughter from the on-lookers.


“Meantime the friend (member) who has betrayed the signs departs to another room, divests himself of all but his shirt, pants and shoes. Whitening has face and at proper time bound at the wrists, blackened under the eyes and on the lips to give him a ghastly appearance. Keeps out of sight and awaits the coming ceremony or clothes himself with a domino and mask and waits until required (all this should occupy but a short space of time). Furthermore, another member, a slender, fragile, smooth-faced young man (preferable) is selected to be robed as a woman or Arab girl. In white or brown flowing robes, gathered tightly at the waist, bare arms and neck, female wig or striped silk handkerchief about the head, face painted pale (with zinc and bismuth), eyebrows blackened and arched, under eyelids penciled with India ink to disguise as much as possible. He is covered with domino and masked to enter the Temple and seated with a member of light weight or spare man, one not too prominent or well known.”

Later, the “woman” is discovered as a spy in the ranks.

“Potentate-Thus perish all our enemies. Noble Guide, seat that miscreant woman by the block and cut a deep crescent upon her naked breast. We cannot take her life,’ She swoons and fall in chair or arms. Oriental Guide-Illustrious Grand Potentate, she has already swooned.’ Potentate-‘The better still; she will not know her pains. Cut the crescent on her breast and drag her from our Temple. She’ll not forget the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.’ She is dragged in a chair to the block, a bowl brought, her breast bared and a knife is seen in the officer’s hand. the bowl is held in front and and officer from behind holds under the arm a rubber bulb with stem, that holds a pint of red wine; a cut, a groan and the blood (wine) flows into the bowl. The bowl is set on the block, a blood-stained towel is also thrown down, and she is borne from the Temple in the chair to an outer chamber. Priest (taking up the bow)-Most Noble Council of the Inquisition, now, in testimony of the justice of our cause, let us in this maidens blood seal the alliance of our bond of secrecy and silence. And let this day’s bloody work in the deepest recesses of every Noble’s heart be buried.’ (Priest and seven Inquisitors drink).”

Folks, I suspect you can see several more incompatibilities here between Christianity and the Masonic Lodge.

First, why would a Christian support a group of men dressing up as women? Aside from the obvious foolishness of this ceremony, why would a child of God encourage a man to dress up as and pretend to be a woman?

Second, the ceremony imitates killing enemies and the disfiguring of women (cutting the crescent moon into “her” breast-again, another indicator of Islamic tendencies within this organization).

When a Christian commits to serving Christ in being saved from sin (buried with Him in baptism-Romans 6:3-4), he commits to follow Jesus Who teaches us to learn to love our enemies, bless those who curse us, and do good those who spitefully use and persecute us (Matthew 5:44-45). While the religion of Islam advocates the mistreatment of women and the horrible use of jihad (holy war), a child of God should have no part in this barbaric ceremony! Again, this is another indicator of how Christianity is incompatible with the teachings and practices of the Lodge.

Third, why would a Christian be involved in pretending to drink blood? Some have said it shouldn’t’ matter, since there is no “official” blood drinking. However, considering the pagan history of such a practice-(and especially in consideration of the paganism that we encounter on a daily basis in Hazard and Eastern Kentucky)-AND in light of the way that the Bible clearly forbids and condemns such, how can a Christian in good conscience endorse such?

To my Masonic and Shriner friends: I encourage you to leave the Lodge.

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