Some Thoughts On The Recent UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) Congressional Hearing

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It is written:

Luke 21:25-And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring;

Along with thousands of Americans, I watched the recent congressional hearing regarding UAPs (the new wording for UFOs). Frankly, I was amazed at the things which were declared. However, what I found especially fascinating was the brief exchange between Mr. Burlison and the UAP whistleblower, David Grusch:

“Mr. Burlison: Okay. One of my constituents actually sent this next question and I figured I’d ask it since I had the same thought. You’ve said that the US has intact spacecraft. You said that the government has alien bodies or alien species. Have you seen seen the spacecraft? David Grusch: I have to be careful to describe what I’ve seen firsthand and not in this environment, but I could answer that question behind closed doors. Mr. Burlison: And have you seen any of the bodies? David Grusch: That’s something I’ve not witnessed myself. Mr. Burlison: Okay. And so with that being said, and the other statement that has been made that was intriguing to me, and it’s intriguing because my view has been that we are billions of light years away from any other system. And the concept that an alien species that’s technologically advanced enough to travel billions of light years, gets here, and somehow is incompetent enough to not survive earth or crashes, is something that I find a little bit farfetched. And with that being said, you have mentioned that there’s interdimensional potential. Could you expound on that? David Grusch: Yeah, to answer your first question, and I’m here as a fact witness and expert, but I will give you a theoretical framework at least to work off to espouse crashes. Regardless of your level of sentience, planes crash, cars crash. In a number of sorties however high, a small percentage are going to end in mission failure, if you will, as we say in the Air Force. And then in terms of multidimensionality, that kind of thing, the framework that I’m familiar with, for example, is something called the holographic principle. It derives itself from general relativity and quantum mechanics. And that is, if you want to imagine 3D objects such as yourself casting a shadow onto a 2D surface, that’s the holographic principle. So you can be projected, quasi projected, from higher dimensional space to lower dimensional. It’s a scientific trope that you can actually cross literally, as far as I understand, but there’s probably guys with PhDs that we could probably argue about that.” (681-698 (Kindle Edition):,+the+Border,+and+Foreign+Affairs+Hearing+UAP+PDF.pdf).

Notice three things with me about this interesting exchange.

First, the congressman points out one of the obvious problems with UAP being alien craft from another world in the cosmos. How believable is it that a race of beings advanced enough to cross the universe would get all the way to Earth and crash? It is not only unlikely, it is laughable. Comparing such a race of beings to a crashed plane built by much less advanced human beings is comparing apples and oranges. Renowned ufologist Jacque Vallee quite clearly details his previous belief that the UFOs were aliens from another planet, and some of the things which led him away from that viewpoint:

“The consensus among UFO researchers in the 1960s, including myself, was that we were probably dealing with space visitors. The idea, at the time, was revolutionary. Scientists like Carl Sagan pointed out that space visitations, if they occurred at all, would be very rare. Other scientists, like Donald Menzel, rejected the whole idea, because even the nearest stars are too far away for interstellar travel to be feasible, even at high speed.…The real question is, does the “spacecraft” hypothesis explain to our satisfaction the facts of the UFO phenomenon as we know them today? The answer is a definite and resounding no…“But let us forget these problems and take all the material at face value. Do we obtain a picture that suggests extraterrestrial contact with advanced visitors? My answer is an emphatic no. I asked earlier: what kind of spacecraft pilots are these, if they still have to use maps to navigate? Now I have to ask: what kind of doctors are these, who need to induce such trauma in hundreds of patients to collect a little blood, a few embryos? Any doctor today can draw one cubic centimeter of blood without leaving a scar or a mark. From the analysis we could determine if the patient used to have a Siamese cat as a pet when he was six years old! Molecular biology, a science in its infancy, is already capable of providing incredible amounts of information from minute amounts of human cells. In vitro fertilization has reached a level such that the so-called genetic experiments allegedly performed aboard UFOs seem ludicrous and grotesque. The ufonauts should go back to medical school. Using the advanced paralyzing devices they possess, it should be simple for them, if they were an extraterrestrial task force, to raid the blood bank of any modern research hospital where they would also find collections of frozen embryos at various stages of development. And what kind of psychologists are they, if any amateur hypnotist can readily uncover from the witness the details of an abduction that was supposed to be totally erased from his or her mind? We have mind control drugs that ensure permanent, selective memory loss. Wouldn’t smart extraterrestrials know as much? In my view, the interaction remembered by the witnesses, it it was a real occurrence, should be treated at the symbolic level. It does not tell us anything about the extraterrestrial origin of the beings, and the idea that they must perform such experiments to enrich their race is merely another contribution to the absurd character of the entire phenomenon.” (Jacques Vallee, DIMENSIONS: A Casebook of Alien Contact (Alien Contact Trilogy 1), 4056-4266 (Kindle Edition): San Antonio, TX: Anomalist Books)

What conclusion did Vallee reach regarding the matter?

“If they are not spacecraft, what else could UFOs be? What research framework can account for the physical effects, for the impact on society, for the appearance of the occupants, and for the seemingly absurd, dreamlike elements of their behavior? How can we explain that the phenomenon makes itself obvious to rural populations but avoids overt contact, choosing instead to deliver its message in bizarre abductions, in highly strange incidents? The theory that suggests itself, as we analyze and reanalyze the forces at play, goes beyond the notion that these are simply technological vehicles produced by advanced races on another planet. Instead I believe that the UFO phenomenon represents evidence for other dimensions beyond spacetime; the UFOs may not come from ordinary space, but from a multiverse which is all around us, and of which we have stubbornly refused to consider the disturbing reality in spite of the evidence available to us for centuries. Such a theory is required in order to explain both the modern cases and the chronicles of Magonia—the abductions and the psychic component.” (Jacques Vallee, DIMENSIONS: A Casebook of Alien Contact (Alien Contact Trilogy 1), 4441-4446 (Kindle Edition): San Antonio, TX: Anomalist Books)

Nor is Vallee along in this assessment. The head of Project Bluebook, Allen Hynek, came to the same conclusions.

“In the final years of his life, Dr. Hynek no longer believed in the extraterrestrial theory for the origin of UFOs. We had many conversations about the subject, and he expressed his doubts that UFOs were physical craft from other star systems. tems. To quote Dr. Hynek, “I have come to support less and less the idea that UFOs are nuts-and-bolts spacecrafts from other worlds. There are just too many things that go against that theory. To me, it seems ridiculous that a technologically advanced race would travel great distances to do relatively stupid things like stop cars, collect soil samples, and frighten people. I think we must begin to re-examine the evidence; we must look closer to home for the answer. I think we should consider that UFOs come from other dimensions, a parallel reality, a universe that exists in the same place as ours, but at a different frequency, so to speak.” Hynek also started to see the connection between UFO reports and certain types of psychic phenomena, because there are many UFO cases that have poltergeists, apparitions, strange sounds and lights, and other types of psychic manifestations festations attached to them. Over the many years that I have been researching the phenomenon, I have found this to be true. Quite a number of UFO case studies are like ghost stories ries rather than encounters with spaceships and beings from another star system.” (Philip J. Imbrogno, Interdimensional Universe: The New Science of UFOs, Paranormal Phenomena and Otherdimensional Beings, 1147-1153 (Kindle Edition): Woodbury, Minnesota: Llewellyn Publications).

Second, there are definite forces at work to keep the extra-terrestrial theory of UFOs in the forefront of the discussion. It appears undeniable that some within the government believe that the threat posed by UAPs is very real, and want that knowledge disseminated.

In November 25, 1991, a man named Ray Boeche (an Anglican priest) met for lunch with two physicists from the Department of Defense. Years later, Boeche spoke to an investigate journalist named Nick Redfern.

“And thus it was that Boeche was plunged headlong into a strange and surreal world of classified Department of Defense projects, secret meetings and follow-up dialogues with Deep Throat-style sources, and stories of very disturbing encounters with what were described to him as NHEs, or Non-Human Entities, which many within the UFO research community believe are aliens, but that certain elements of the DoD believe are nothing less than the deceptive minions of Satan. The story told to Boeche is both provocative and startling, as are its implications, if they are genuine, of course. At the beginning, Boeche was apprehensive and curious. “I had no way of knowing before our face-to-face meeting if there was any legitimacy to this at all,” he told me. “I wasn’t given any information at all before our meeting, just the indication that they were involved in areas of research I would find interesting, and that they had some concerns they wished to discuss with me. “Both men were physicists. I’d guess they were probably in their early-to-mid fifties, and they were in a real moral dilemma. Both of them were Christians, and were working on a Department of Defense project that involved trying to contact the NHEs. In fact, this was described to me as an ‘obsessive effort.’ And part of this effort was to try and control the NHEs and use their powers in military weapons applications and in intelligence areas, such as remote-viewing and psychotronic weapons. “They came to believe that the NHEs were not extraterrestrial at all; they believed they were some sort of demonic entities. And that regardless of how benevolent or beneficial any of the contact they had with these entities seemed to be, it always ended up being tainted, for lack of a better term, with something that ultimately turned out to be bad. There was ultimately nothing positive from the interaction with the NHE entities. They felt it really fell more under the category of some vast spiritual deception instead of UFOs and aliens. In the course of the whole discussion, it was clear that they really viewed this as having a demonic origin that was there to simply try and confuse the issue in terms of who they were, what they wanted, and what the source of the ultimate truth is. If you extrapolate from their take that these are demons in the biblical sense of the word, then what they would be doing here is trying to create a spiritual deception to fool as many people as possible.”” (Nick Redfern, FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife, 2-3 (Kindle Edition): San Antonio, TX: Anomalist Books)

They discovered that there is a government group known as the Collins Elite, and some of its’ members desire that knowledge of the UFOs demonic activity be released to the public.

“On the other hand, however, and as will later become graphically apparent, several senior figures within the Collins Elite have been vigorously pushing for widespread disclosure to the general public and the media of the terrifying theory they accept as the literal truth. Deep dissent within the ranks, then, is also a central facet of the story that follows. And the Collins Elite are not alone in holding opinions about the nature of the non-human, devilish entities they conclude are among us, and how matters should be handled with respect to informing the public or otherwise; far from it, in fact.” (Nick Redfern, FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife, 10 (Kindle Edition): San Antonio, TX: Anomalist Books)

On March 11, 1998, the government group created to investigate UFOs decades earlier (known as the Collins Elite) produced their official report (photo copies of which were provided to Redfern).

“We may not know to whom, or to what, “PTC” refers, however, in all probability “S&T” is a reference to “Science and Technology,” a common abbreviation within the U.S. intelligence community. No answer is currently forthcoming on what may be meant by the “NORTH files on NM discoveries of 1947” beyond the likelihood that “NM” is an abbreviation of “New Mexico” and that this is, given the specific year cited, somehow connected to the Roswell affair. One suspects that the aside to “the Nebraska debacle” and its “security issues” refers to the whistle-blowing that went on inside the Lincoln, Nebraska’s Cornsucker Hotel in November 1991, when Ray Boeche’s informants seemingly decided to break their oaths of secrecy in an attempt warn him of the ominous and devilish darkness they believed was fast descending upon the Human Race…These six paragraphs suggest that all sides realized that trying to inform the general public and the media of what the Collins Elite and others concluded was the disturbing truth behind the UFO phenomenon was no easy feat at all. And that for some of those in the know, the best approach was to do or say absolutely nothing whatsoever beyond either burying their heads in the sand or continuing to keep people busy following such diversionary pathways as crashed UFOs and military spy-balloons. Just about anything, in other words, to keep inquiring minds as far away as possible from matters demonic. Others, it seems, were intent in 1998 on campaigning for a planet-wide revelation of what they saw as the truth as a means to ensure our survival when finally faced with the nightmarish menace in all its might…The reference to personnel stationed at WPAFB—which can only mean Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio—having achieved “spontaneous, brief, laboratory manifestation of materials very similar to two of those that ‘fell’ at Lincoln County, NM in 1947,” accords very well with something that Ray Boeche’s sources told him, namely, that the unusual debris found in 1947 did not result from the crash or aerial explosion of an alien spacecraft. Rather, it may have been cosmically and alchemically weaved in realms far away, then carefully and deliberately dropped on the desert floor at the Foster Ranch. (1) Boeche’s own recollections of his whistleblower meetings add much weight to the Roswell scenario as detailed in The Collins Report. He told me: “I was never told how they knew, but the guys knew that there was wreckage of non-earthly origin at Roswell. And I remember asking them specifically in a later conversation: ‘How do you know this? And how does it happen that a demonic force can also interact physically?’ Their response was to me was: ‘You’re a pastor; you’ve studied theology. Go back to the Bible and look.’” And, that is precisely what Boeche did. Said Boeche: “That set me on months of research as I tried to piece this together in my own mind. Scripture refers to Satan as the prince of this world and the prince of the powers of the air. I deduced that there could be a precedent, a logical precedent based on scripture that demonic forces can in some ways influence the physical world. “So, given that that’s the case, could they create something? Could they somehow pluck matter from somewhere else—a different planet, a different galaxy that was so different from Earth that it’s going to be something recognized as not coming from here? Could they manufacture or create a physical object or wreckage—deliberately—to make us fall into the trap of believing that something extraterrestrial had fallen from outer space? A staged crash to make us fall into the deception that they are extraterrestrials? That was the scientists’ conclusion. “One of the things that made me believe there could be some sort of physical interaction is the mention of the Nephilim in Genesis in the Bible. Whatever these other worldly beings were—angels, fallen angels—they were able to interact physically and create some sort of progeny here on earth. More prosaic interpretations of the passages regarding the Nephilim—that they were simply ‘mighty men,’ for instance—are accepted by most scholars, but I don’t see overwhelming evidence to completely eliminate the possibility that they were of a spiritual or supernatural nature.” And Boeche’s informants also had comments to make about Jack Parsons that seem to dovetail with the data linking Parsons with Roswell, and with the strange experimentation going on at Wright-Patterson AFB, as outlined within the pages of The Collins Report: “[My DoD sources said that] Parsons was the start of it all. They said that was the genesis of this. Was this a doorway that was opened by Parsons to allow these demonic entities in? Or did Parsons give someone else the idea that maybe someone in the government should look into this? That was one of their big concerns: that in order to try and accomplish some sort of military advantage, demonic things—masquerading as aliens—had been contacted and forces had been unleashed that were not going to be able to be controlled for very long; or, at least, were not going to be able to be bent to the will of whoever started this project. Satanic rituals, ritual magic and even human sacrifice were all mentioned as being linked with the project. They were convinced the work had to stop.”(2) As incredible as it sounds, the startling conclusion we can reach from studying the extracts of The Collins Report and the words of Ray Boeche and his informants is that demonic alchemists carefully created the Roswell debris in a far-off realm or on an equally far-off world. Then, they cunningly and carefully planted it in the wilds of New Mexico, Trojan-Horse-style, knowing that it would soon be found and interpreted as something of an anomalous, otherworldly nature. And more than fifty years later, personnel at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base had achieved some measure of success in conjuring up very similar materials—albeit briefly, under wildly unpredictable means, and from who knows exactly where—via the door-opening teachings of Jack Parsons, hence the Collins Elite’s use of the term “the Parsons technique.” In other words, the personnel at Wright-Patterson AFB cited in The Collins Report may very well have been the same ones who had foolishly entered into a pact with the forces of Satan to—as Ray Boeche’s sources worded it—“accomplish some sort of military advantage.” The final section of the currently available pages of The Collins Report states: Until final outcome of STAC, NASA-TZER and WPAFB research in this area is known this writer recommends that Collins Elite continues to focus attention on planned disclosure to public of THE THEORY if STAC, NASA-TZER and WPAFB attempts to “close the door” are not satisfactory. This writer concludes that if this hypothetical stage is reached disclosure and intense indoctrination of faith and values at planetary level to radically and rapidly alter current population mind-set is the only alternative that may prove successful in thwarting plans of enemy.” (Nick Redfern, FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife, 174-176 (Kindle Edition): San Antonio, TX: Anomalist Books)

Mention here is made of Jack Parsons, a famous scientist who worked with NASA and who was a known disciple of the famous occultist, Aleister Crowley.

The Bible is the answer to problems through all the deceptions put forth by the enemy.

2 Timothy 3:16-17-All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17  that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, be with you all. Amen.

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