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It is written:

Mark 10:6-But from the beginning of the creation, God ‘MADE THEM MALE AND FEMALE.’

The parents of every child born into the world hear soon after birth either these words (or their equivalent):

“It’s a boy!”


“It’s a girl!”

Why is this the case?

Because every person from the moment of conception is either male or female.

In our world today, there is a great deal of debate over the subject of gender. Some of the people that I am friends with believe that by undergoing certain surgeries or hormone therapy, they will be able to change their maleness or their femaleness.

However, no amount of medical intervention can truly change a person’s gender, because gender is not a result of our outward genitalia: it is literally a reflection of what is encoded on the DNA of every person.

“Dr. Grossman confirmed everything Newgent just told me about how medical transitioning doesn’t help mental health. “When we look at the statistics of adults that are years following their transition—their chemical, their medical transition, including surgeries—we see that they’re still committing suicide at a remarkably higher rate than most of the population.” It takes only a little common sense to figure out why all these medical interventions just aren’t working. Unlike other treatments and surgeries that address some real, physical problem to heal the body, transitioning harms the body to address a psychological problem. But people can never be at peace when they rebel against their nature. They certainly can’t be happy when they inflict harm upon themselves during that rebellion. A dress, a pronoun, a new name, a haircut, a hormone blocker there, an injection here, a cut there, a prosthetic here—the litany of illusions and lacerations from the social to the medical heaped one upon another can never change the immutable fact that every single cell in the human body screams “male” or “female.” This isn’t conjecture. It’s science. Dr. Grossman described the process we all learned in school but somehow forgot. “How does that man get a man’s body? He gets it as a result of his chromosomes, his Y chromosome,” Dr. Grossman reviewed. “At conception, when the egg is fertilized by a sperm, the resulting organism either has two XX or an X and a Y [chromosome]. The presence of the Y chromosome is going to direct the development of that fetus in a male direction, not only in terms of his genitals, in terms of his brain as well… That means that in utero his body was masculinized, including his brain. What happened was that at eight weeks after fertilization, his Y chromosome sent out the instruction to his testes to create testosterone, and that testosterone was then distributed throughout the body.” This isn’t some arbitrary process—and it can’t be easily altered later in life. The impacts of this sex-specific development can be seen in other aspects of medicine far outside of “gender identity.” “Let’s say a woman needs a kidney transplant and she gets a kidney from a male,” Dr. Grossman posited. “So each of those cells in that transplanted kidney has a Y chromosome, and her female body can recognize that as foreign. Her female body doesn’t recognize the Y chromosome. It never had a Y chromosome. So it’s best to give a female kidney to a female.” Ironically, at the same time gender theory has spread like a cancer, the field of sex-specific surgery has also exploded. “So we have these two things happening at the same time in history,” Dr. Grossman continued, speaking of research into sex-specific care and the rise of gender theory. “While the libraries, the medical libraries, and the journals are just filling up with articles indicating the vast and profound differences between male and female and how we must recognize that, we have, on the other hand, this ideology that is pushing false notions at us and at our children, and I don’t know how much longer this can co-exist.” Dr. Jordan Peterson attributed this terrifying and unscientific medical experimentation to the very foundational claims of gender theory. It’s not that gender theorists were wrong to want to differentiate between people’s biological sex and their outward or psychological characteristics. It’s that they invented the idea of “gender” with all its implications when we already had a perfectly fine way to understand what was going on. “The issue with sex and gender, a lot of that’s just deep ignorance and confusion, with trifling malevolence thrown in there and some willful blindness,” he told me. “Biological sex [is] binary.” (Matt Walsh, What Is a Woman? One Man’s Journey to Answer the Question of a Generation, 141-142 (Kindle Edition); Nashville, TN; Daily Wire)

Some of the people that have undergone these procedures to transition from male to female or from female to male have realized the dangers of sex change operations. One man, Rene Jax, underwent surgery to transition from male to female. He details some of what he has learned as a person who struggles with CSIC (cross-sex identity confusion):

“CSIC people want love, we want community, we want families, we want companionship, and yes, we want peace. And regardless of how our identity confusion manifests itself, we have the same right to those most basic of human desires as any other person. But while I know the sting of family rejection all too well, I still advocate in these pages for the family to avoid supporting the delusion that a person can be of one body and another, different mental gender. There has to be a sanctuary for the CSIC person to come back to where the pressures the person feels under can be pushed aside for a little bit while the person tries to sort out their feelings. And that sanctuary has to be reality of the family they were born into. It can’t be the all of the doctors, surgeons, pharmacists, family councilors and gender clinics who profit from their delusion. How can any person rightly trust any gender doctor who stands to benefit financially from your own pain and confusion? There is not one single instance in medical history where a person has found inner peace at the end of a scalpel. But this peace can’t be achieved through pills or electrolysis and surgery, but it can be identified and achieved through new therapy alternatives. Not one of our desires for communion within the world of people can be obtained by signing a medical release form for an experimental surgery that then pushes us to the fringe of society we see relations with. Our lives can only be made whole again by first accepting the reality of our human sex, and by no longer looking toward antiquated and disfiguring medical terminology and Nazi-like experiments resulting from the ignorance and naivete of the last century. Whether you are a doctor or lay person reading this matters not. The only thing that matters is that we stop the sexual mutilation that came to us from our past ignorance and hubris. If after reading this, you disagree with my assumptions, then please in the name of God most holy, DISPROVE ME. Do it scientifically and follow the same rigid methodologies as Mahler would. Follow every ethical and moral guideline you can, and if that is not enough, make up some new ones to avoid the hubris of the Amercian Medical Association and Dr. Walter Freeman. Do the medical research on this subject that it deserves. And work to avoid the pitfalls that the men written about here fell into. Prove me wrong or prove me right, and do everyone suffering from this condition the greatest service possible. Give us hope where there is now only despair.” (Rene Jax, Don’t Get On The Plane: Why A Sex Change Will Ruin Your Life, 231-232 (Kindle Edition))

We are often told that those who struggle with gender dysphasia are harmed if they are not allowed transitioning treatment: yet the facts demonstrate that many of those who undergo transgender procedures continue to experience significant emotional issues and hardships.

“Some say that transitioning is the best solution to suicidality among trans* people, but this perspective is problematic at best and harmful at worst. Transitioning can introduce a whole new set of physical, emotional, and psychological problems that could contribute to depression and thus suicidality: • Adverse effects from hormone therapy (such as infertility and cardiovascular problems) 23 • Disappointment with the results of surgeries24 • Negative health effects from surgeries • Inability to “pass” as the sex you desire even after surgery • Transition regret25 Long-term follow-up studies have shown that completed suicide rates are still much higher for trans* people who transition than among the general population. 26 If other co-occurring or underlying mental health conditions aren’t addressed, these are likely to continue even after transition. That is, one should not think that transitioning is an effective way to deal with mental health concerns. Yet the heavy emphasis sometimes placed on the importance of transitioning to reduce suicidality can lead people to overlook other possible mental health concerns. In the conversation about trans* suicidality, ignoring the prevalence of co-occurring mental health concerns and laying emphasis exclusively on transitioning may seem caring and respectful, but it does no favors to the trans* community.” (Preston M. Sprinkle, Embodied: Transgender Identities, the Church, and What the Bible Has to Say, 233-234 (Kindle Edition); Colorado Springs, CO; David C. Cook)

Gender is assigned at conception, and remains the same throughout life.

To all of our friends who are going through difficult times of sexual confusion, please know that Jesus Christ perfectly understands what you are going through. He loves you and will guide you through the turmoils and trials of this life, if you will allow Him. We in the church of Christ would like to be here to help you as we can. You will find in the church of Christ people who are weak and fall short and stumble but who are trying to walk where God’s Word leads us. We help each other and lift each other up when we stumble. If we can help you, please call upon us.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, be with you all. Amen.

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