The Signature Of God In DNA

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It is written:

Psalm 139:14-I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.

One of the fascinating things about the Hebrew alphabet is that every letter represents more than a phonetic sound. One Jewish rabbi writes:

“There are an estimated 3,000 languages (not counting dialects) and more than 66,000 letters which make up the alphabets for these languages. Only one language and one alphabet is Divinely created, the letters having been formed and shaped by G-d alone. That language isLashon HaKodesh, biblical Hebrew. It is no wonder, then, that the Hebrew letters are multifaceted. The letters of the Hebrew alphabet, thealef-beis, are so rich with meaning that even Judaism’s greatest scholars had to engage in lengthy study to understand why G-d made them as He did. Traditionally, Hebrew letters possess: 1) Design—the specific way each letter is formed. This form represents the Divine energy within each letter. 2) Gematria—each of the letters of thealef-beisrepresents a certain number, e.g., alef = 1, beis = 2, etc. 3) Meaning—each letter has many meanings, e.g., the letteralefstands for chief, to learn, wondrous, and much more.Beismeans house, etc. 4) Nekudos( vowels)—most letters have a vowel that tells us how it is to be pronounced. 5) Crowns—some letters in the Torah have crowns—little lines drawn on the top of Hebrew letters—which add strength to the letters, e.g. . Rabbi Akivawas famous for his expositions upon them. The crowns have their own special meanings beyond the scope of this work. 6) Cantillation—each word in the Torah has a musical note. In this book we will deal with the first four topics. The rest we will leave for another time and another book.” (Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin, Letters Of Light: 68-87 (Kindle Edition); Brooklyn, N.Y.; Sichos In English)

Realizing that every Hebrew letter represents a number gives us further insight into a remarkable discovery that has been made regarding DNA (the code of life which programs every living cell). One scientist by the name of Dr. Israel Rubinstein describes something that he began to discover in 1986.

One author recounts:

“Dr. Israel Rubinstein, professor of chemistry with the Department of Materials and Interfaces at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, holds a PhD in chemistry from Tel Aviv University.[ 313] In a video presentation, Dr. Rubinstein unveiled a stunning piece of information he claims to have discovered in 1986, when, if you remember, there was no Internet, no worldwide video-posting platforms, and no other practical means for globally distributing his findings, especially to the general populace. So, for the longest time, most of the world was unaware of his research. But now, Dr. Rubinstein’s presentation has been made available to the entire planet—hearkening back to the fulfillment of the prophecy we studied in Daniel 12: 4. Following is the transcript from that presentation, which premiered on a YouTube channel on June 23, 2021, but with an unknown origin date.[ 314] Dr. Rubinstein is speaking to a live but mostly unseen audience (presumably his students) while he is seated behind his desk. Okay, listen carefully. In the year 1986, when most of you hadn’t been born yet, I was already a doctor and a scientist in the Weizmann Institute of Science. I researched the DNA mainly of mice, monkeys, and Humans… 18,000 tissues of liver, kidneys, muscles and even a human eye, I inspected them under a microscope. For your information, the optic microscope can magnify up to 10,000 times. The digital microscope, on the other hand, can enlarge up to 1 million times! You really enter inside the cell. A digital microscope is not the regular one you are familiar with. It’s basically a huge computer, and you are looking through a screen and communicating with the software. Is that clear to everyone? This is science, not religion! So I communicated with this software, and I asked the software, “What is the force that holds the DNA attached?” The software responded that sometimes there is a sulphuric bridge [disulfide bonds], which makes sure the DNA stays attached.[ 315] Then I asked the million-dollar question. Listen carefully, I asked the software, “When does the bridge appear?” The software answer was that there are four nucleic acids which are the basis of the DNA chain: A, T, C & G. These are the acids which make up the DNA chain; that’s a scientific fact! And the sulphuric bridge appears in the following manner: every 10 acids there was a bridge, every 5 acids a bridge, every 6 acids a bridge… and again every 5 acids were a bridge. [Number sequence: 10-5-6-5] I was shocked! A sulphuric bridge that keeps the DNA attached? I was amazed! Who can tell me the meaning of 10-5-6-5? [Dr. Rubinstein is looking at the students in his class for an answer; unintelligible responses are heard from the unseen audience.] This is the numerical digit of Y-H-W-H! Our Heavenly Father is in our DNA! Like a Rembrandt with a signature at the bottom of His artwork, God tells us, “I made you”! Our Heavenly Father signed His name in every cell of our body! I think I discovered God![ 316] (Emphasis added) Of course, I don’t claim to be an expert in biological science, DNA structuring, or disulfide bridges within the DNA bonding processes. But Dr. Rubinstein is an expert in all of this, and more. His résumé lists his “areas of activities” as: “Supramolecular chemistry; self-assembly; nanostructured metal films; localized Plasmon; optical sensors; electrochemistry; thin films; nanoparticles; template synthesis.” His bio also states he has received eleven prestigious academic awards since 1971. In addition, he has written scores of articles published by scholarly journals in a multitude of scientific fields.[ 317] Therefore, since I’ve also scoured the Internet for months without finding a single scientifically verified refutation of his claim, I have to trust that he has spoken accurately in the video. With that in mind, let me remind you of an important scriptural declaration written two thousand years ago: All things were created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. (Colossians 1: 16–17) Also, consider the following: More than likely, only a Hebrew, one familiar with the Hebrew letter numbering system, could have readily recognized this coded signature upon our DNA. Dr. Rubenstein, of course, is a Jew who did see it. God revealed the truth to him at such a time in history and in such a manner that it would be given to us by way of a global communication and information system that is now archived and watched by the world—24/ 7. And, Dr. Rubenstein discovered it by using a computer. Imagine that. The Magnitude of the Matter The numerical code Dr. Rubenstein is talking about comes from the Hebrew alphabet. As stated in an earlier chapter, employing a numbering system for each letter is a characteristic of the Hebrew alphabet. (It is also true of several other alphabets, and has been so for thousands of years.) This is not a process of mere divination or numerology; it is historical fact. The numeric code for the name YHWH is easily verified. We’ve seen these letters many times before—yud, heh, vav, heh—the name of God, the Tetragrammaton. The numbers correspond exactly with each of those letters in the Hebrew alphabet. The sequence is 10 (yud), 5 (heh), 6 (vav/ waw), and 5 (heh)—10-5-6-5, YHWH, just as Dr. Rubenstein said. I ask yet again: What are the chances? I would imagine they are practically zero, wouldn’t you? God’s Trademark Think of what we have here. We are talking about the name of Yahweh—the divine name that has been in use among the Hebrew people for thousands of years, the name found more than seven thousand times in the Old Testament. It is a name with a deeply profound meaning, as we discovered just a few chapters earlier, connecting directly with the crucifixion of Yeshua. Now we discover from a PhD chemistry professor in Israel that the ancient and widely known numeric code of the name “YHWH” just happens to also be the numeric code with which our DNA molecule connects a disulfide bridge to the nucleotides. That disulfide bridge just happens to hold together the DNA structure of our body’s cells.[ 318] Dr. Rubenstein, of course, didn’t necessarily “discover” God, but it certainly appears he may have discovered our Creator’s signature. That signature exists in every cell of our body—all thirty-seven trillion of them! That coded signature of YHWH is like a watermark, God’s watermark, stamped all over our body. In this way, YHWH has ensured that, in the last-days generation, when this discovery was made public—by computer (Daniel 12: 4)—no one could take credit for the creation of us except Him! Not Satan, not the silly evolutionists, not the arrogant scientists who continually try to manipulate and alter the building blocks of life. No one can lay claim to the original development of DNA except for YHWH, our Creator. He is: The Beginning and the End. The First and the Last. The Aleph and the Tav. The Word that became flesh. Our God… who is our Yeshua!” (Carl Gallups, The Yeshua Protocol: An Explosion of Divine Revelation for our Unique Generation, 276-280 (Kindle Edition); Crane, MO: Defender Publishing)

Another more recent scientist has written:

“A REMARKABLE DISCOVERY LINKING the biblical alphabets of Hebrew and Arabic to modern chemistry reveals that a lost code—a translatable alphabet—and a clue to the mystery of our origins, has lived within us all along. Applying this discovery to the language of life, the familiar elements of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon that form our DNA may now be replaced with key letters of the ancient languages. In doing so, the code of all life is transformed into the words of a timeless message. Translated, the message reveals that the precise letters of God’s ancient name are encoded as the genetic information in every cell, of every life. The message reads: “God/ Eternal within the body.” The meaning: Humankind is one family, united through a common heritage, and the result of an intentional act of creation! Preserved within each cell of the estimated six billion inhabitants of our world, the message is repeated, again and again, to form the building blocks of our existence. This ancient message from the day of our origins—the same message—remains within each of us today, regardless of race, religion, heritage, lifestyle, or belief. As we’ll see in Chapter 9, the code is so universal that it produces the identical message when translated into either the Hebrew or the Arabic language!” (Gregg Braden, The God Code: The Secret of Our Past, the Promise of Our Future, 14-15 (Kindle Edition); Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc.)

Science continues to confirm the identity of the one true God and His Word in amazing ways.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, be with you all. Amen.

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