Ill Mind Of Hopson 7 (One)

It is written:

Jude 1:22-23- And on some have compassion, making a distinction; 23  but others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh.

Music can be a tremendous blessing, a way to express thought and emotion through artistic form that may be interpreted in various ways by people who view such through their own personal viewpoint and experience.

The Bible is a powerful example of this!

The Book of Psalms especially is an incredible display of beautiful music and lyric, which showcases the love, faith, awe, anger, bitterness, doubt, and pain of God’s people throughout the ages.

A few years ago, I was introduced to a song by a gentleman named Marcus Jamal Hopson. It is entitled “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 7.” It is one in a series of songs written by Mr. Hopson.

My friends who introduced me to this song explained that it really resonated with them because of the inner struggle and frustration that it displays. After listening to it several times and reading through the lyrics, we carefully examined this song in one of our “Saving Grace” drug meetings at our church. Shortly thereafter, I wrote a message to Mr. Hopson, requesting some time to talk and to investigate the issues in this song.

Sadly, I have yet to receive a response.

Nevertheless, this song keeps coming up with many of my friends that I work with.

So, I have decided to write a review of this song in my articles, both to share on Facebook and to send to him through his Facebook page. I feel and relate to the frustration and pain in this song, and I believe that if we take the time to investigate it and empathize with Mr. Hopson, we will be able to discover new ways to relate to our friends and neighbors.

The lyrics from the song are produced here ( I have gone through and redacted the vulgarities and obscenities in this song.

Let me add: please do not disregard the lyrics because of obscene language used here. The Bible is filled with example after example of people who expressed their pain to God in some very strong language.

This is NOT an endorsement of vulgarity or obscenity, but it is an invitation to remember what Job wrote long ago:

Job 6:14-To him who is afflicted, kindness should be shown by his friend, Even though he forsakes the fear of the Almighty.

Let me also say that I once again extend an invitation for Mr. Hopson to join in a dialogue with me on these important subjects.

It’s us, find power

Live life, mind power

It’s us, find power

Live life, mind power

Yo, f_____ anybody I might alarm

Life is a tour, I sit and ride along

Taking some notes and then I write the song

I’m staring down the road my life has gone

Is this where I belong?

Is it wrong to not believe in right and wrong?

My mental state is f________g me up

And I cried a pond while asking you for some answers

But we don’t have that type of bond

That my desires gone with the way that I’ve been living lately

If I died right now, you’d turn the fire on

Sick of this b____________, n________s call me a sell-out

Cause I hopped on Christianity so strongly then I fell out

Now I’m avoiding questions like a scared dog with his tail down

Feeling so d___________ humiliated because they looking at me like I’m hellbound

What story should I tell now? I’ll just expose the truth

I’m so close to the f________g edge, I should be close to you

But who the f_____ are You? You never showed the proof

And I’m only f___________g human yo, what am I supposed to do?

There’s way too many different religions with vivid descriptions

Begging all f___________g men and women to listen

I can’t even beat my d_______ without getting convicted

These ain’t wicked decisions, I got different intentions

I been itching to get it, I’ve been given assistance

But the whole f__________g system is twisted

Now I’m dealing with this backlash because Marcus isn’t a Christian

And I’ve been told that my sinful life is an addiction

But I can’t buy it, it’s just too hard to stand beside it

I need an answer and humans can’t provide it

I look at the Earth and Sun and I can tell a genius man designed it

It’s truly mind blowing, I can’t deny it

Is heaven real? Is it fake? Is it really how I fantasize it?

Where’s the Holy Ghost at? How long it take Man to find it?

My mind’s a nonstop tape playing and I can’t rewind it

You gave me a Bible and expect me not to analyze it?

I’m frustrated and you provoked it

I’m not reading that m_________________g book because a human wrote it

I have a f____________g brain, you should know it

You gave it to me to think to avoid every useless moment

It was a mission that I had to abort

Cause humans be lying with such an inaccurate source

It’s gon’ be hard to put me back on the course

Next Jehovah’s Witness to come on my porch

I swear I’m slammin’ the door

A lot of folks believe it though, but I’m not surprised

Humans are f____________g dumb, still thinkin’ that Pac’s alive

I ain’t trying to take your legacy and torch it down

I’m just saying: I ain’t heard s_______ from the horse’s mouth

Just sheep always telling stories of older guys

Who were notarized by you when you finally vocalized

Now I’m supposed to bow my head and close my eyes

And somehow let the Holy Ghost arise

Sound’s like a f_________ Poltergeist

Show yourself and then boom it’s done

Every rumor’s gone, I no longer doubt this s______, you’re the One

I’ll admit that my sinful ways was stupid fun

And all my old habits can hop onto of a roof to plunge

I’ll donate to a charity that could use the funds

F______ the club, instead of b_________ I’d hang with a group of nuns

And everyone that I ran into would know what I came to do

I wouldn’t take a step unless it was in the name of You

I hate the fact that I have to believe

You haven’t been chatting with me like you did Adam and Eve

And I ain’t seen no f____________ talking snake unravel from trees

With an apple to eat, that s________ never happens to me

I don’t know if you do or don’t exist, it’s driving me crazy

Send your condolences, this is me reaching to you so don’t forget

If hell is truly your pit of fire and I get thrown in it

I’mma probably regret the fact that I ever wrote this s_______

My gut feeling says it’s all fake, I hate to say it but f________ it, s________ I done lost faith

This isn’t a small phase, my perspective’s all changed

My thoughts just keep picking s__________ apart all day

And in my mind I make perfect sense

If you aren’t real then all my prayers aren’t worth a cent

That would mean that I could just make up what my purpose is

And I could just sit in church and say “f_______” in the services

Man what if Jesus was a facade? Then that would mean the government’s god

I feel like they’ve been brainwashing us with a lot

So much that we don’t even notice that we’re stuck in the box

Man everything is “what if”, why is it always “what if”

Planet Earth “what if”, the universe “what if”

My sacrifice “what if”, my afterlife “what if”

Every f___________ thing that deals with you is f__________ suspect

I’m f_______ done, I’m f______ done

This is my f_______ life and I’m living it, I’m having fun

If you really care for me, prove that I need to live carefully

But I’ll be d__________ if I put my own pleasure aside for an afterlife that isn’t even guaranteed

We are you, and you’re us, stop playing games

My life’s all I got, and heaven is all in my brain

And when I feel I am in hell, my ideas are what get me through pain

Do as you please, and I’ll just do me, I’m a human, I’ll stay in my lane

Ill mind

It’s us, find power

Live life, mind power

It’s us, find power

Live life, mind power

Before we enter into a detailed study of these lyrics and ideas, will you join me in a word of prayer for Mr. Hopson and for everyone who struggles with these sentiments?

Lord, we thank You for this opportunity to learn more about You. We thank You for Mr. Hopson and for everyone who struggles with faith. Thank You for encouraging us to investigate and to consider these matters, and we pray for Mr. Hopson and for each and every one who has struggled with questions and doubts. Rise up and help us all Lord. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, be with you all. Amen.

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