The Hebrews Were In America Long Before The Time Of Christ

It is written:

Then Hiram sent his servants with the fleet, seamen who knew the sea, to work with the servants of Solomon. (1 Kings 9:27)

Throughout our country, there are many evidences which demonstrate that the ancient Hebrews had visited and perhaps even colonized various areas of the American continent.

“Now let us examine some historical evidence of particular interest to modern American readers. The book, Bronze Age America, by the late Dr. Barry Fell, Professor Emeritus of Harvard University, documents that copper trading between North America and the Old World existed prior to and during the reign of King David. His book cites evidence from ancient inscriptions that Norse kings carried on a copper trade with the New World in the St. Lawrence River area as early as 1700 B.C., seven centuries prior to the reign of King David over Israel! 26 Citing “inscriptions cut in the ancient Tifinag and ogam consaine alphabets, using an early form of the Norse tongue…” 27 which were found in Ontario, Canada, Dr. Fell confirms the presence of Old World traders in the St. Lawrence River/ Great Lakes Region long before the nation of Israel ever existed! Tifinag and Ogam are both Old World alphabets. If ancient Old World civilizations traded with the inhabitants of North America, could the mercantile Phoenicians have been far behind? Dr. Fell documents the existence of ancient Phoenician inscriptions at a site known as “Mystery Hill” in New Hampshire. He observes that “carbon analyses point to periods of occupation of the Mystery Hill site extending back to the second millennium B.C.” 28 One of the chambers at Mystery Hill “was dedicated to the Phoenician god Baal,” 29 and ancient inscriptions at this site indicate that it was inhabited and/ or frequented by ancient Celts, Iberians and Phoenicians from the Old World over many centuries. 30 There is a great deal more material about both this site and the Phoenician presence in the Old World, but they will be more appropriately addressed in chapters two and three…“There is evidence that some of David’s copper ore stockpiles came from the Phoenicians’ North American trading routes. The following is cited from Dr. Fell’s book, Bronze Age America: “There are also quite independent… reasons for thinking that ancient European voyagers came to America. They concern the mining of metals. For the past twenty years leading mining engineers and university metallurgists have been seeking from archaeologists an explanation of a most baffling mystery in the history of mining technology. So far no answer has been found. Around the northern shore of Lake Superior, and on the adjacent Isle Royale, there are approximately 5,000 ancient copper mine workings. In 1953 and 1956 Professor Roy Drier led two Michigan Mining and Technology expeditions to the sites. Charcoal found at the bases of the ancient mining pits yielded radiocarbon dates indicating that the mines had been operated between 2000 B.C. and 1000 B.C…. The most conservative estimates by mining engineers show that at least 500 million pounds of metallic copper were removed over that time span, and there is no evidence as to what became of it….“Since the date 1000 B.C. coincides with David’s reign over Israel, it is very likely that part of this Lake Superior copper was used to satisfy David’s voracious appetite for raw materials to be dedicated for temple purposes. King David and Israel were likely the biggest customers in the world for copper and many other raw materials at that time. Solomon’s building projects eventually went far beyond anything David himself envisioned, so the demand upon available world sources of raw materials in their reigns must have been immense indeed! With this in mind, it is significant that these ancient Lake Superior copper mines were apparently worked to exhaustion during the reign of King David, precisely the time frame in which David was stock-piling copper ores “beyond calculation” for the construction of the Temple for God! Since the North American copper mines had been known to the Old World for centuries before David lived, and since there is evidence that Phoenician ships called at ancient North American ports, the means to transport Lake Superior copper ores to King David of Israel did exist. The observation that “there is no evidence as to what became of it” (meaning there is no evidence that this ancient North American copper was used in ancient North America) can now be answered from the Bible. The Bible declares that ancient Israel, under King David, was massively stockpiling copper ores around 1000 B.C. Secular sources have confirmed the North American copper mines ran out of ore around 1000 B.C. The connection between the two is obvious: much of the ancient North American copper was shipped to ancient Israel and used in the construction of the Temple for God in Israel.” (Steven Collins, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, 642-681 (Kindle Edition); Boring, Oregon; CPA Books)

The people of Tyre had taught the Hebrew people long ago about the secrets of sea-travel. That the Jewish people had come to America along before the time of Christ is documented by numerous archaeological evidences.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, be with you all. Amen.

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