Messianic Prophecy In The Pentateuch (Two)

It is written:

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)

Hidden within the very first verse of the Bible is a profound Messianic prophecy. Lovik has written:

“Would it surprise you that a wealth of information is embedded into the first words fo the Hebrew Scripture just waiting to be discovered? Let’s begin our search….The first two letters of the word ‘beginning’ are beyt and reysh. The pictographs for beyt is the picture of a tent or a house. The pictographs for reysh is the picture of the head or highest person. “It may help you to understand that abba (father) is written with two Hebrew letters-the aleph and the beyt. Abba is the pictographs for the strong leader (aleph) of the tent or house (beyt). So it follows that the strong leader of the house is the father. The highest person or head that comes out of the house or tent is the son. The word for “the son” translated ‘bar’ is beyt reysh….“Aleph, the third letter in the word ‘in beginning, is pictured as an ox. We just learned how this letter is used to construct the word ‘Abba.’ We now understand that aleph means the strong leader…Aleph also means one. It has the meaning of indivisible and unique. Finally aleph, as it is used in Hebrew words, is often the letter that represents God. Sheen is the picture of teeth. Sheen has the meaning of: sharp, to press against, to devour, to destroy. Yood is the picture of an arm and hand. Yood has the meaning of accomplishing a deed with a hand. “The picture is of a bare arm flexing to do a work or task. Tav is the picture of crossed sticks or a cross. Tav has the meaning of: a sign or mark, monument, covenant. So lets see what pictographic message is embedded in the Hebrew word ‘in beginning.’…“’The Son Of God Pressed By His Own Hand To A Cross.’…“Let this revelation soak into your soul that the Lord God, our Savior Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, revealed His redemptive purpose in the very first words of Holy Writ. Can there be any doubt that the Messiah, Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, is hidden in plain sight inside the letters of the Hebrew aleph-beyt?” (C.J. Lovik, The Living Word: Volume One-Genesis 1:1 The Mystery Of The Aleph & Tav, 23-28; Rock Island Books)

What an amazing and beautiful foretelling of the Messiah is found and laid bare for us in the inspired Word of God!

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