Messianic Prophecy In The Pentateuch (Eight)

It is written:

 “The Israelites should make their camps around the Meeting Tent. Each division will have its own special flag, and everyone will camp near their group’s flag.” (Numbers 2:2)

In the second chapter of Numbers, God gave very specific instructions for how the Hebrews were to encamp around the Tabernacle. Indeed, when we study the instructions of Numbers 2, we find out that God was very specific regarding these camping instructions!

I used to wonder, “Why would God give such explicit instructions about where the Jews were supposed to camp? What difference could that make?” Make no mistake about it friends: everything in Scripture has an important lesson for us!

Chuck Missler, writing of this very puzzle, pointed out how the camp of the Hebrews would have appeared being viewed from Heaven:

““It would appear that when the Israelites encamped, they formed a giant cross! This is a graphic macrocode, indeed! And this is from the Torah, not the New Testament! The New Testament is, indeed, in the Old Testament concealed; the Old Testament is in the New Testament revealed.” (Chuck Missler, Hidden Treasures In The Biblical Text, 925-947 (Kindle Edition); Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816-0347; Koinonia House)

I really wish there were a way to import the image that Missler provided in his book. It is a truly astonishing image of a cross! The message, indeed, is stunning: if a person wished to be in fellowship with God (as represented by the Tabernacle, the dwelling place of God on Earth) it would only be found by being one of God’s people, through the Cross. Paul wrote about this to our brethren in Ephesus:

Ephesians 2:16-Through the cross Christ ended the hate between the two groups. And after they became one body, he wanted to bring them both back to God. He did this with his death on the cross.

Are you a member of Christ’s church (Acts 2:37-47)?

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