Demons And UFOs (Three)

It is written:

“For they are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” (Revelation 16:14)

One of the most famous ufologists of the last several decades was John Keel. He began his research sometime in the 1950’s. He was deeply involved with the study of U.F.O.’s, eventually amassing a database of thousands upon thousands of firsthand testimonies.

One of his books in particular, Operation Trojan Horse: The Classic Breakthrough Study of U.F.O.’s, landed him in a great deal of “hot water.” As I have read his book, I can only conclude that the reason why so many people were so angry with him is because he provided such incredible evidence that the extraterrestrial theory was false and that the aliens that people were encountering were actually inter-dimensional. Following are several quotations from Keel’s book (John Keel, Operation Trojan Horse: The Classing Breakthrough Study of U.F.O.’s, San Antonio, Texas; Anomalist Books, Kindle Edition):

“In my studies of several other flaps I have discovered this same baffling geographical factor. If the UFOs are actually machines of some sort, their pilots seem to be familiar not only with our calendar but also with the political boundaries of our states. They not only concentrate their activities on Wednesday nights, they also carefully explore our states methodically from border to border. Does this sound like the work of Martians or extraterrestrial strangers? Or does it sound like the work of someone who is using our maps and our calendars and may, therefore, know a great deal about us, even though we know little about “them”?” (13)

“The most popular theory is that the flying saucers are born and bred on some other planet and that they visit us occasionally to drink our water and bask in our sun. But all of the available evidence and all of the patterns indicated in the now- massive sighting data tend to negate this charming theory.” (29)

“The real problem remained: What had these people seen? The general behavior of the objects clearly indicated that they were paraphysical ( i.e., not composed of solid matter). They were clocked at incredible speeds within the atmosphere but did not produce sonic booms. They performed impossible maneuvers that defied the laws of inertia. They appeared and disappeared suddenly, like ghosts.” (29-30)

“Other thoroughgoing researchers started to move toward the paraphysical concept in the early 1950s. The British science writer Gerald Heard published Is Another World Watching? in 1950, in which he examined the extraterrestrial theory pro and con and postulated his “bee” concept, suggesting that the objects might represent a mindless order organized by some larger intelligence. Another famous English science writer, Arthur C. Clarke, turned his attention to UFOs in 1953 and wrote articles pointing out that the general data suggested the objects were paraphysical and not too likely to be extraterrestrial. If there was an actual turning point in ufology, it occurred in 1955. That year the “secret” was widely and repeatedly published by many superbly qualified investigators. Many UFO students reviewed this well documented material and quietly abandoned the subject, feeling that the mystery had been competently solved. A few held on until they were able to confirm the published evidence to their own satisfaction. Then they dropped out, leaving a vacuum in the field that was erratically filled by cultists and the emotionally disturbed types who were attracted more by the cloak- and- dagger aspects and the anarchistic possibilities of the allegations of official censorship. A new UFO wave over England in 1950 inspired a new RAF investigation that was continued behind the scenes for five years. On April 24, 1955, an RAF spokesman told the press that the UFO study was completed but that the findings would be withheld from the public because they would only create more controversy and could not be adequately explained without revealing “certain top secrets.” This enigmatic statement hardly satisfied anyone, but soon afterward RAF Air Marshal Lord Dowding, the man who had directed the Battle of Britain in 1940, gave a public lecture in which he openly discussed the paraphysical aspects of the phenomenon and declared the UFO occupants were immortal, could render themselves invisible to human eyes, and could even take on human form and walk and work among us unnoticed. This was very strong stuff in 1955, and the UFO enthusiasts didn’t quite know what to make of it. The cultists still circulate his earlier pro- extraterrestrial statements made before he reached the paraphysical stage. Still another excellent British researcher and reputable author, Harold T. Wilkins, stressed the paraphysical aspects in his 1955 book, Flying Saucers Uncensored . In the earlier stages of his research he had concluded that much of the evidence pointed to hostile intent, but later, as he developed a better understanding of the paraphysical factors, he modified this conclusion… Sensible research must be dictated by this basic precept: Any acceptable theory must offer an explanation for all the data. The paraphysical hypothesis meets this criterion. The extraterrestrial hypothesis does not.” (33-34)

“In 1957, Ray Palmer started a new magazine called Flying Saucers . In the early issues he titillated his readers by hinting that he knew the secret. Then, in 1958, he published his conclusion that UFOs were not from some other planet, offering as an alternative a complex theory about secret civilizations with paraphysical or psychic ties to the human race. (As early as 1949, he had editorialized that saucers were extra- dimensional not extra- terrestrial.) He stubbornly stuck to his guns and published a number of small magazines devoted largely to the psychical aspects of the phenomenon. After a twelve- year struggle, his Flying Saucers had managed to build up a meager readership of only 4,000 paid subscribers and 6,000 newsstand sales despite nationwide distribution..For many years Al Chop, an Air Force information officer, lent his name to the board of governors of Major’s Keyhoe’s organization, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). But in 1966, he withdrew his name, and in personal correspondence and in appearances on radio programs he declared that he no longer accepted the idea that flying saucers were real, physical machines.” (37)

Keel has added his testimony to a growing number of ufologists who rejected the idea that these “beings” are from another planet.

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