The Occult History Behind The Roswell Alien Crash

I remember seeing my first U.F.O. When i was in the sixth grade.

One of my cousins stayed a week with me in my hometown, during the summertime. Late one night, our dog started barking at something. He and I went outside, and walking over to our field, saw three gray figures standing near an apple tree. We both turned around and ran back inside, making a detour to get the dog and bring her in. My mother got up and went outside, and we got in trouble for going outside after dark.

The next night, at the same time, our dog started going crazy again. Josh and I went outside, and this time I had a camera. In the sky directly over our field was a bright red light. I snapped a picture of it, and the light zoomed across the sky and shot off into space. The film disappeared, and some of my mother’s coworkers at Scott Lumber also told her they had seen “something” in the skies over Proctor Mountain that night.

I had always been interested in ufology when I was younger, but those experiences led me to study and dig deeper then I had before. I was always at the library doing research (this was a few years before the Internet lol). Soon, I learned about the most famous of U.F.O. Stories: the Roswell crash.

In 1947, there were reports of an alien spacecraft that had somehow crash landed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico. One local newspaper from the time (July 8, 1947-Roswell Daily Record) carried the headline: “RAAF CAPTURES FLYING SAUCER ON RANCH IN ROSWELL AREA”. One well-known researcher details the account, along with the military’s official story:

“Early in June 1947, something fell onto a ranch operated (but not owned) by W.W. “Mac” Brazel. He first discovered the debris on or around June 14, ten days before Kenneth Arnold’s flying disks made major headlines all over the country. (Soon after Arnold’s report, flying objects were seen in 39 separate states.) Brazel’s farm was located about 75 miles northeast of the town of Roswell. On a visit to nearby Corona, his relatives told him about the “flying saucer flap.” A few days later, he drove into Roswell to buy a new pickup truck, carrying with him several pieces of the debris. He visited the local sheriff, who, on inspecting the material, thought that it might have some military significance. Sheriff Wilcox duly phoned the local Roswell Army Air Base, where he spoke with Major Jesse Marcel. Thinking from the initial report that it might be a downed aircraft, Marcel’s commander, Colonel William Blanchard, ordered Marcel and counterintelligence officer Sheridan Cavitt out to Brazel’s ranch. On viewing the wreckage, Cavitt immediately thought it probably came from a weather balloon, but Marcel had other ideas. When they arrived back, Marcel woke his wife and son, Jesse Jr., who even today remembers his father talking about flying saucers.[1] On July 8 the public information office at the base made the announcement that they had recovered a flying disk. This created newspaper headlines —it was a sensation!…However, at the intervention of Brigadier General Roger Ramey, who had also inspected the wreckage, a press conference was soon held that included Marcel. The army announced that the fuss was over nothing more than a weather balloon, pieces of which were duly paraded for public display. Marcel didn’t agree with this conclusion, probably because this was unlike any weather balloon he had ever seen. It is evident that he thought it was a UFO. Prior to the press conference, a weather officer by the name of Irving Newton remembered seeing pieces of what he recognized as a weather balloon laid out in Ramey’s office.” (Gary Bates, Alien Intrusion: UFOs And The Evolution Connection, 4041-4060 (Kindle Edition); Powder Springs, GA; Creation Book Publishers)

For decades, there has been a continual contention between what really took place in Roswell.

The truth about what happened in that incident, however, may in reality be stranger then fiction.

The Occult Connection

Long before the Roswell crash, the famous occult leader and founder of the church of Satan, Aleister Crowley, performed several rituals which he believed would open doorways to the spirit world. On one particular occasion, Crowley summoned a being which he identified as LAM, claiming it was some kind of advanced Enochian spirit. Looking at Crowley’s drawing of this creature, one can see that there is a shocking similarity between it and the most common description of “aliens” today (i.e., the infamous Roswell greys).

Later, two of Crowley’s disciples, Jack Parsons and Ron Hubbard, engaged in a ritual known as the Babylon Working. Author Mark Flynn describes this occult ritual which took place in the Desert, shortly before the Roswell incident:

“Described as a charismatic genius, as well as an eccentric mystic, Jack Whiteside Parsons endeavored to create a passageway or window into our world in 1946. He was a key founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. The inventor of Hitler’s V-2 “revenge weapon” and leader of the Operation Paperclip rocket development team, Wernher von Braun, referred to him as the “father of modern rocketry.”…Destined to become a talented chemical engineer and inventor, he was expelled from a military academy for blowing up toilets and claimed to have successfully invoked Satan to appear to him at the age of 13. Parsons became a member of the Aleister Crowley headed, Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), in 1941 and joined the California based branch, known as The Church of Thelema. (Crowley defined Thelema as: “The science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.”)…While practicing magic rituals as the head of the church of Thelema, Parsons acquired a mansion in South Pasadena that he developed into a bohemian commune, and welcomed any “exotic types” to join. The commune later became known as the “Parsonage.”…Through his association with Crowley and work in the OTO, Parsons came to believe in the reality of magic (spelled “magick” according to Crowley) as a force that could be explained through quantum physics. He believed that he could bring about the incarnation of a Thelemite goddess that he called “Babalon” onto Earth by altering the constraints of normal space-time through his will via the practice of Thelema. Parsons called the magical operation he was planning the “Babalon Working”, and allowed Hubbard to take part in it as his documenting “scribe”, since he believed Hubbard to be exceptionally perceptive at detecting magical phenomena. Both Parsons and Hubbard believed in Thelema magic so completely that they went out into the Mojave Desert and performed the Babalon working, which was nothing less than a specific effort to “punch a hole” between realms. The final ritual took place in January 1946. Jack Parson believed, as did Van Braun, L. Ron Hubbard, and Aleister Crowley, that powerful non-human entities existed, but in a realm somehow separate from man. Although there seemed to be a prohibition on the type and quantity of interaction allowed, that prohibition could be altered by man’s activity on earth. It is worth recognizing that the Roswell event occurred one year after the Thelemic ritual in the Mojave Desert, as well as a huge increase in UFO sightings that continue to this day. The story of L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons’ Babalon Working illustrates that the nature of the UFO phenomenon is more profound than the majority living today realize.” (Mark A. Flynn, “Foreword” in Josh Peck, Cherubim Chariots: Exploring The Extradimensional Hypothesis-Extradimensional Vehicles, Ancient Nephilim Technology, and Interstellar Prophecies Revealed!, 168-206 (Kindle Edition))

Author Tom Horn provides more insight into this ritual:

“As is referenced in chapter 2, in 1918 famed occultist Aleister Crowley attempted to create a dimensional vortex that would bridge the gap between the world of the seen and the unseen. The ritual was called the Amalantrah Working and according to Crowley became successful when a presence manifested itself through the rift. He called the being “Lam” and drew a portrait of it. The startling image, detailed almost ninety years ago, bears powerful similarity with “Alien Greys” of later pop culture. L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons attempted to do this very thing by inviting the spirit of Babylon through a portal during a sex ritual. Their hope was to incarnate the whore of Babylon—a demon child or Gibborim. Parsons wrote that the ritual was successful and that at one point a brownish/yellow light came through the doorway. At the same moment he said he was struck by something invisible, and a candle was knocked out of his hand. It is interesting to note that following Crowley’s magic portal (which produced the alien-looking LAM) and Hubbard and Parson’s Babylon Working ritual, Crowley died in 1947—the same year as the Roswell crash and the same year Kenneth Arnold saw his flying saucers and sightings of “aliens” increased around the world. Was a portal indeed opened by these men’s invitations?” (Thomas R. Horn, Nephilim Stargates, 1386-1398 (Kindle Edition); Anomalos Publishing Gresham)

Thus, shortly before the Roswell incident, and just within weeks of the UFO “flying saucer” craze that began in America, well-known occultists performed a powerful ceremony in the dessert where these things had their origin.

Just a coincidence?

Not according to the government.

The Government Interest In The Connections Between Roswell And Demonic Activity

An author named Nick Redfern wrote a book some years back entitled Final Events. In it, he described how an Anglican priest named Ray Boeche contacted him after meeting with two gentlemen who claimed to be members of a clandestine government group known as the Collins Elite. This group had been started as a result of the government’s interest in the connections between Parsons and Hubbard, and the beginning of the modern UFO phenomenon in our country.

Why would they be interested in Parsons and Hubbard, you ask?

I forgot to mention that both men were respected scientists with deep ties to NASA.

In describing what he had uncovered while investigating the Collins Elite, Redfern writes:

“In the several years that have now passed since I first approached Ray Boeche on this subject, I have taken up the gauntlet and have dug deep into the central theme of his revelations—something that very quickly led me into a rabbit-hole-like maze populated by shadowy informants, scared old men in possession of horrifying, decades-old secrets, and illuminating-yet-bizarre classified documentation. The long and winding story I have uncovered is both unsettling and unnerving—in equal, awful measures. At its cold heart lies a bleak and disturbing scenario to explain the UFO presence in our world that, for many years, has been firmly and secretly embraced as nothing but the literal truth by a group of American government, military, and intelligence personnel. Collectively, they call themselves the Collins Elite. Yet, for all of their military-swagger, ingrained machismo, and bravado, the Collins Elite live in a perpetual state of overwhelming apprehension, fear, and absolute dread. That state of mind is driven by the clandestine activities of what the group perceives to be hostile and ominous intruders from a realm of existence far different than the one we inhabit. Those intruders assure us they are our friends and allies, but according to the Collins Elite, they most certainly are not. They claim to have our best interests at heart, but in reality, says the group, the exact opposite is the case. And, above all else, they earnestly want to us to embrace the idea that they are extraterrestrial visitors from far-away star-systems. For the Collins Elite, that is the biggest, blackest, and boldest deception of all. In essence, the Collins Elite utterly refute and reject any and all notions that extraterrestrials have ever visited planet Earth or have abducted human beings for purposes relative to medical examination, scientific study, and hybridization—a scenario that many UFO researchers strongly assert is taking place. Instead, the conclusion of the group is that we have in our midst a cold-hearted and sinister intelligence of demonic origins that masquerades as alien, whose presence in our world threatens each and every one of us, and that consigns all of us to, perhaps quite literally, a living Hell. Put very simply, the Collins Elite has a fear, a suspicion, and ultimately a solid acceptance that we, the Human Race, are being subtly, yet brilliantly, steered away from the teachings of religion. The group believes we are being encouraged to accept and embrace Satan himself—albeit in the deceptive guise of an advanced alien entity—as our savior, shortly before the countdown to Armageddon begins and time finally runs out. And the Collins Elite concludes that we are regularly and routinely farmed by an incredibly ancient life-form of poorly-understood proportions and fog-shrouded origins that harvests human souls upon death, for purposes both nightmarish and nefarious….In short and simplistic terms, the Grays are hungry for our souls—voraciously and, perhaps, insanely so, too. Not only that but they apparently hate us on a scale that is nearly unimaginable. Unsurprisingly, there is a realization on the part of some of those who have comprised the Collins Elite over the course of nearly sixty years that such a monumentally horrific story cannot easily, if at all, be told to the world at large for one, simple reason: they do not know how to tell such a horrific story without the revelation resulting in the possible, and irreversible, collapse of society….On the other hand, however, and as will later become graphically apparent, several senior figures within the Collins Elite have been vigorously pushing for widespread disclosure to the general public and the media of the terrifying theory they accept as the literal truth. Deep dissent within the ranks, then, is also a central facet of the story that follows. And the Collins Elite are not alone in holding opinions about the nature of the non-human, devilish entities they conclude are among us, and how matters should be handled with respect to informing the public or otherwise; far from it, in fact.” (Nick Redfern, Final Events, 8-10 (Kindle Edition); San Antonio, TX; Anomalist Books)

Throughout his book, Redfern provides interesting information such as classified documents and interviews. While he did not use the real names of the individuals he interviewed from the Collins Elite group, his documentation seems to be in order. Authors Cris Putnam and Tom Horn investigated more diligently after personally interviewing Redfern, and they point out the following:

“So I moved on and checked with one of my international contacts—former director of Britain’s Military of Defense’s department for UFO research, Nick Pope—and was surprised when he cautioned against disbelief and even confirmed the existence of a Collins Elite-like group among Britain’s aristocracy. Following this, I reached out to Gregory Richford, a Ball Aerospace contact who works with advanced systems and technologies for Space Control & Special Missions. He, too, cautioned against doubting the Collins reality and sent me a four-page document outlining the following main points, ending with an ominous warning. Below are just some of the talking points from his meticulous outline….Formation of the Collins Elite –          A number of intelligence agencies looking at the UFO situation are drawn into the orbit of a larger picture held by the CIA….-          Over time, the Collins Elite position becomes more refined, more emphatic, more concerned. o   One notes that most of these guys are industry old timers, with an old Christian worldview, having been in this covert intel circle for 30–40 years….-          A sub-group watching all this, loosely confederated, calling itself the “Collins Elite” begins to recognize this as completely occult, demonic/Satanic, and begins to organize itself as a counterpoint to the general research direction. –          The Collins Elite begins to see a much larger and terrifying picture of what this whole unleashed enterprise is leading to; the connection to fallen angels, the Nephilim, and a plan for taking over the world. • Conclusion –          This unsettling story has every indication of being true; it follows directly from everything you and I know about UFOs and their ultimately nefarious mission tied to an end-time prophetic scenario –          Unraveling this further is loaded with known and unknown complexities—and that includes dangers.[259] (emphasis added)” (Cris Putnam & Thomas Horn, Exo-Vaticana, 3012-3091 (Kindle Edition); CrNe, MO; Defender)

The conclusion that these beings are not extraterrestrial but demonic in nature is the same conclusion of many investigators who have spent their lifetimes studying thousands of cases and reports. Recently, the famous WikiLeaks made several emails known which are topically connected with this entire subject. Authors Derek Gilbert and Josh Peck, in their outstanding new book, The Day The Earth Stands Still, describes these matters in great detail.

The relevant portions involve several emails between Dr. Edgar Mitchell and John Podesta. Podesta has been pushing for declassification Of the government’s records on UFO’s for years. Gilbert and Peck provide the following regarding these men, as well as some of the highlights gleaned from their emails:

“Podesta’s leaks showed multiple emails from Dr. Edgar Mitchell (1940–2016), Apollo 14 astronaut and sixth man on the moon, detailing plans and requesting meetings with Podesta concerning UFO disclosure. Also included in these emails are Terri Mansfield, whom Mitchell described as his “Catholic colleague,” and Eryn Sepp, special assistant to the counselor to the President….Also, more interesting than potential meetings, we get a glimpse into Mitchell’s theology concerning ETI. From the email, we learn a few descriptions of the ETI themselves: 1. They are from a contiguous universe rather than another planet. 2. They are nonviolent, though this term is not defined (nonviolent as compared to what or whom?). 3. They are obedient—but again, this is not defined (obedient regarding what authority?). 4. They are different than the “celestials of this universe.”…After all this, Mansfield, on behalf of Mitchell, drops a bombshell. She states clearly and directly they “work with specific ETI from a contiguous universe.”[ 190] She also states these ETI are “nonviolent and in complete obedience to God.” Of course, the first question brought to mind might be, which god?…The fact is, Mansfield and Mitchell had direct access, at least for a little while, to a high-ranking person in the White House who was pushing for official disclosure of the UFO phenomenon. This helps show us how official disclosure could get interpreted if it happened today….This shows us the clear agreement between Mansfield’s beliefs and those of Mitchell. We aren’t given specifics, but Mitchell states something they were doing at Quantrek yielded evidence showing certain facts out ETI. Simply put: 1. ETI, once again, are nonviolent. 2. ETI do not inhabit our universe. 3. ETI inhabit a higher plane of existence beyond our three-dimensional universe.” (Derek P. Gilbert & Josh Peck, The Day The Earth Stands Still: Unmasking The Old Gods Behind ETs, UFO’s, & The Official Disclosure Movement, 1699-2024 (Kindle Edition); Crane, MO; Defender)

Friends, the evidence is shockingly clear, and continues to mount, that the Roswell incident-as well as the UFO phenomenon that came with it-is ties directly with occultism and the demons of the ancient world. It is another extension of what the Bible tells us:

Ephesians 6:12-For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15-For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.

It is the same enemy, wearing a different costume.

How Do They Do It?

Many people I have worked with who have had these abduction experiences believe that they have been carted off to some strange alien spaceship and had lots of experiments done on them. However, the facts usually show that these experiences take place in the mind of the individual.

“The Collins Elite concluded that the stories of clandestine groups with outlandish budgets, of quick-reaction military units commandeering vast squadrons of black-helicopters to spy on abductees, and of massive underground installations that were home to joint alien-human operations had no basis in reality whatsoever—at least, no basis in our reality. Having pounded on just about every door within government, the military, and the intelligence world –all without any success—the Collins Elite came to a jaw-dropping realization: that the mysterious black helicopters, the equally-mysterious military interrogators, and most certainly the vast alien-human underground-labs must be hallucinations, sophisticated imagery generated by demons and fallen-angels and projected into the minds of the abductees while they slept. These hallucinations were meant to reinforce the deception that the UFO presence was extraterrestrial and that the government secretly knew this. But it was all a fantastic mirage. Alien abductions, the Collins Elite concluded, had no basis—at all—in physical reality. They were solely illusions of the mind, albeit illusions generated and controlled by string-pulling demons.” (Nick Redfern, Final Events, 151 (Kindle Edition); San Antonio, TX; Anomalist Books)

When we study the abilities of fallen angels as taught in Scripture, we see that they could certainly pull off these kinds of powerful and traumatic hallucinations. One author, Nicole Malone, has written about the abilities of angels as outlined in the Bible. Her words are intriguing:

“The Bible summarily teaches several things about Visions caused by angels: 1. A Vision can seem totally real to a single bodily sense (like sight) or to all of the bodily senses, and a person’s self-perception is usually that they are in their body. 2. A Vision can affect one person or multiple people, though they may perceive it differently 3. A Vision can occur in a waking state, or in a trance state 4. A Vision can be causes by a visible angel, or an invisible angel 5. A Vision can involve some physical effects that remain afterwards, such as objects that remain with a person, and bodily effects, even internal ones. 6. A Vision can involve manipulation of a person’s perception of time, like an hour in a minute. 7. A Vision can contain just about any landscape, or any sort of characters, and can seem to involve travel, even though the person doesn’t actually go anywhere 8. A Vision can seem so real to the bodily senses that it is indistinguishable from reality, even in the case of people who are experienced with Visions, though God knows and can reveal the truth.” (Paradox Brown, The Bible, Physics, And The Abilities Of Fallen Angels: The Alien Abduction Phenomenon, 5 (Kindle Edition)

Why The Deception?

The question naturally arises, Why would Satan want to convince people that his minions are extraterrestrial aliens from another planet?

The answer should be obvious. Ankerberg and Weldon point out:

“One of the most dominant cultural influences of UFOs is to undermine faith in the Bible. UFO phenomena support the myth of naturalistic evolution and the idea that man can finally perfect himself apart from God. For many people, belief in UFOs has become a replacement for personal faith in God, since the UFO entities encourage people to look to the skies (or the aliens) for their individual and collective salvation. UFO encounters also promote occultism and expand its territory under a novel and unexpected guise. For other people, the UFO phenomenon makes the Bible anachronistic and undermines its authority by relegating it to a level of vastly more primitive, “earthbound” literature. The UFO phenomena tend to belittle mankind’s place in the universe from its biblical heights to something lower. Man is no longer the crown of God’s creation and the one for whom Christ died. Instead, he is something of an almost infinitely lesser creature—one lower species among probable billions of more advanced species in the universe. Thus many extraterrestrial theorists place man as an infinitely small speck in an infinitely vast universe whose only genuine hope for survival is contacting a much more evolved form of life. But the end result is to cheapen the value of man, his being made in the image of God, and the significance of the fact that God Himself became man in the incarnation. This also tends to cheapen the concept of the atonement and Christian redemption in ways that are too complex to discuss here….All the above, and more, are reasons why demons would logically seek to imitate alien life from other worlds.” (John Ankerberg & John Weldon, The Facts On UFO’s And Other Supernatural Phenomenon, 648-674 (Kindle Edition); ATRI Publishing)

Satan has always tried to divert people away from God with the popular lies of the day. This has been his goal since he rebelled against the Creator. Today, thanks to the “alien” lie, many people have rejected the God of the Bible with the notion that there may not be a God at all, but instead advanced extraterrestrials who once seeded the earth from far far away.

Think I’m exaggerating? I’m not! Many people in our world have been duped into believing this lie, and many in our community have fallen for this lie as well. I still remember an intense Bible study discussion I had while teaching in the Local Jail one day. Being told by several young men that they were all atheists, I presented three irrefutable Evidences which show that there is a God: The cosmological, teleological, and moral arguments. One of the gentlemen explained that he had a degree from such and such university and would quickly disprove anything which I said and would show everyone that there is not a God. I said, “Alright, you will have your chance.” After taking about fifteen minutes to articulate the aforementioned arguments, I invited the inmate gentlemen to offer his rebuttal.

His response?

“I can’t explain any of what you just said away; but I believe that God is an alien!” (If memory serves, he had been raised in a Mormon home. The Mormons teach that the god which they worship is from the Kolob star system).

I pointed out that even if aliens exist (which I don’t believe based on scientific reasons), you have to get back to the eternal Being (God) at some point!

As Gilbert and Peck point out:

“One of these aspects is the idea stating that extraterrestrials created humanity (what is sometimes known as “directed panspermia”). Again, this view still doesn’t remove the question of the ultimate Creator. Stating that extraterrestrials created humanity does not get someone away from God. The next obvious question would be: “Then where did they come from?” Some may even be tempted to state that God Himself is an extraterrestrial, but this is nonsense, because not only does this theory run into similar problems as the extraterrestrials-as-angels position, but it also doesn’t explain the origin of matter.” (Derek P. Gilbert & Josh Peck, The Day The Earth Stands Still: Unmasking The Old Gods Behind ETs, UFO’s, & The Official Disclosure Movement, 3298 (Kindle Edition); Crane, MO; Defender)

As I shared with those prisoners (and with other people through the years), the only way to explain the existence of the contingent universe is by the existence of the non-contingent Being (I.e., God). Some of my Mormon friends I recently studied with did not want to accept this, because they have been taught that there have been an infinite number of “gods” that have stretched back throughout eternity with no ultimate First Cause. This leads to an infinite number of contradictions, however that shows the impossibility of such. Doug Powell explains it well:

“Actual infinites are sets of numbers to which no increment can be added since, by nature of their infiniteness, the set includes all numbers—there is nothing to add. If this is hard to imagine, there is good reason: actual infinites do not exist and cannot exist in the physical world. If actual infinites did exist in the physical world, we would see absurdities and effects we could not live with, literally. For instance, let’s say you had a CD collection that was infinitely large, and each CD had an infinite number of songs on it. If you listened to one CD, you hear as much music as if you had listened to all of the CDs—an infinite amount—and yet those infinites are of different sizes—a nonsensical notion. Let’s also say that there were only two artists in your CD collection, Bach and the Beatles, and that every other CD was by the Beatles. This would mean that you had as many Beatles CDs as you would Beatles and Bach CDs combined; they would both be an infinite number. But at the same time they would be different sized infinites. And would the number of Beatles CDs be odd or even? It must be one or the other, but to speak of infinity in such a way is irrational. Or imagine a racecar driver and his son. The racecar driver is making circuit after circuit on a track a mile long. Meanwhile in the infield, his three-year-old son is on his tricycle going in circles. The son is completing a dozen or so circuits to his dad’s one. But if they had each been going for an infinite amount of time, they would have completed an equal number of circuits! If this makes your brain hurt or is confusing at all, then you are beginning to understand why actual infinites do not exist in the physical world. These examples are not just interesting brainteasers or puzzles. The fact that if X = Y then X cannot also be twelve times greater than Y is extremely important. You would never want to cross a bridge, ride in a car, or live in a house designed by an engineer who didn’t recognize or didn’t care about the absurdities of actual infinites. This demonstration of the non-existence of actual infinites can be applied in two real-world areas, time and causality. The best way to show that time is not infinite, that it had a beginning, is to observe that there is a “now.” If now exists, then time cannot be infinite. To show this, picture the moment “now” as a destination, like a train station. Then picture time as train tracks that are actually infinitely long. If you were a passenger waiting on the train to arrive, how long would you have to wait? The answer is: forever. You can never reach the end of infinity; thus, infinitely long train tracks cannot ever be crossed. There is no end to arrive at, no station. If infinitely long train tracks could be crossed, they would be the equivalent of a one-ended stick, a nonsensical notion. In fact, this is the opposite limitation of potential infinites. Just as potential infinites are finite numbers that can never turn infinite, actual infinites could never reach the end of their infiniteness and turn finite. But there is an end, a “now”; the train did arrive at the station. This means the tracks of time cannot be infinitely long. There cannot be an infinite number of preceding moments prior to the present moment. The past is not an actual infinite. Thus, time had to have a beginning. Time, however, did not cause itself to spring into existence. If it had a beginning, then something initiated it. This is where causality comes into the picture. There is no such thing as an effect that was not caused. You are an effect of the biological process caused by your parents. These words you now read were caused by my typing on a keyboard. The current state of the universe is an effect caused by various astronomical and physical conditions. Note, however, that each of the causes mentioned are also effects. For example, your parents are not only your cause, but they are the effects of their parents who were the effects of their parents, and so on. But, as the non-existence of actual infinites shows, the chain of causes cannot regress forever. The train station in this case is made of present causes; because we have causes now, there must be a beginning to the sequence. Thus, there must be a cause that is not an effect, an uncaused cause, or first cause. Since the universe is an effect, it must have had a cause itself. The Kalam argument tells us that the universe had a beginning and that the beginning was caused by an uncaused cause. At this point there are only two options: either the cause was personal or it was impersonal. Reflection on what this uncaused cause would look like leads us to a conclusion rather quickly. The first cause would require an ability to create. Without this ability nothing could be created. It would also require an intention to create, a will to initiate the universe. Without this will to create, nothing would be created. It would require a non-contingent being, one whose existence depends on nothing but itself. If it was contingent, then it would simply be one more effect in the chain of causes and effects. And it must be transcendent. The cause of the universe must be outside of and apart from the universe. Now add all these things together.” (Doug Powell, Holman QuickSource Guide To Christian Apologetics: A Clear And Complete Overview, 596-634 (Kindle Edition); Nashville, TN: Holman Reference)

Despite these Evidences, many have rejected belief in God because of the modern UFO craze. Indeed, the devil has succeeded in convincing entire generations of people that there isn’t a God.

THAT is the ultimate goal behind the alien deception friends.

Don’t fall for it!

Where Victory Lies

One of the documents that the Collins Elite passed on to Redfern suggested a plan of dealing with and being victorious over the “alien” creatures:

““The only alternative that may prove successful in thwarting plans of enemy,” states the 1988 report of the Collins Elite, is through “… intense indoctrination of faith and values at planetary level to radically and rapidly alter current population mind-set.” These words are highly significant, as there are those within the UFO research community who—after careful study—have also determined that a belief in the power of the Christian God and Jesus Christ can indeed thwart the demonic assault that, the Collins Elite believes, currently manifests under the guise of alien abductors and hybridizers.”. (Nick Redfern, Final Events, 191(Kindle Edition); San Antonio, TX; Anomalist Books)

The answer to victory over Satan and all of his lies and schemes is found in Jesus Christ.

Friends, the Son Of God (Jesus Christ) came to this world and defeated the devil and his forces by dying on the cross of Calvary.

Colossians 2:15 (ERV)-He defeated the rulers and powers of the spiritual world. With the cross he won the victory over them and led them away, as defeated and powerless prisoners for the whole world to see.

By His death, burial, and resurrection from the dead on the third day, the Gospel (Good News) was formed (1 Corinthians 15:1-8). When we as believers in Jesus repent of our sins, confess Him before men, and are baptized into Him, we receive the forgiveness of our sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:37-47; 8:35-38). God adds us to Hud church, and we gain the victory (Acts 2:47)! If we are faithful even to death, we are promised the crown of life (Revelation 2:10). When we sin as Christians, God promises forgiveness if we will repent and pray (1 John 1:8-2:2).

Why not turn to Him today?

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen.

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