The Satanic Background Of Abortion

It is written:

“You shall not worship the LORD your God in that way; for every abomination to the LORD which He hates they have done to their gods; for they burn even their sons and daughters in the fire to their gods.” (Deuteronomy 12:31)

Zachary King is a well-known former Satanic high priest who has converted to Catholicism. In his ministry, he vividly describes many of the occult ceremonies that he and other Satanists performed through the years. Sadly, many of these rituals included abortions.

The following account has been attacked by some as unbelievable. There are, of course, many who believe the following account is too incredible to believe. Many in our culture have been so conditioned to reject the supernatural and the religious elements of paganism imbedded in American life that they will disbelieve anything that flies in the face of their coffeehouse view of the United States and its’ supposed superior moral order.

I, for one, see no reason to reject the following testimony, especially because I have learned about the place of child sacrifice in many non-Christian religions. Consider it carefully.

“When I was almost 14 I was part of a large satanic coven. A group of males 15 years old and younger had a sleep over at an adult females house. My parents thought I was staying the night at a friends house. The purpose of the sleepover was to impregnate the female for a satanic spell that was to take place approximately 9 months from then. Fast forward 9 months into the future and now I’m about 3 months before turning 15 the entire coven has met for this spell. I’m going to try to paint the most vivid picture I can of that night. I want you to feel like you’re watching what I’m saying. You need to understand the gravity of what I’m saying to you. To simply tell you a spell happened or an abortion took place would not do justice to the story. Abortion is a satanic sacrifice and now I’m going to tell you why I say that. As I said before, I’m almost 15. It’s a Saturday night and all the members of the coven have gathered at one of the members ranch. We are in a large building on the ranch. It has one really large room with a fire place in it with two smaller rooms side by side at one end of the building. I’ve been to the building before at a Christmas party when I was 10 or 11 years old. Back when I didn’t know what a coven was and I still had some innocence about me. I’ve been in this room since about 9pm. We all had snacks about 8pm at the main house. Most people arrived in groups. At 9pm I’m walking around watching what everyone else is doing. Most people are praying or meditating and a few are engaged in sexual activity. By 10pm everyone has on their ceremonial robes or they have stripped down to what they will be now wearing for the ceremony. At midnight a parchment is read that has the spells intention. Then everyone separates into his or her section. 50 females ranging from about 15 to 60 are kneeling, nude on the floor starting up a chant of ‘our bodies, ourselves’. They will continue this chant till the sacrifice at 3am. There is a small group 10-12 kids 3 to 10 years old that are in a room praying to satan for the intention of the group. Really this group is just in training. So they are back at the main house watching movies or cartoons and coloring. But they are wearing costumes of the different robes of black or red and enjoying a party….Thirteen adults are praying in front of a Baphomet and muttering spells under their breath and this activity as well will continue till 3am. By the way if a child is able to say awake till 3am they will be given a special prize for being able to do so. I have been instructed to walk around and observe all the groups. So from about midnight till about two I sat in with the 13 adults, the kids and the women on the floor. Then I was instructed to ready myself. This was a big deal for me. These ceremonies happened quite often within our group but this was my first time attending and my first murder, so I was very excited. At 2am the 13 top coven members stood in a semi circle around the woman that had been impregnated 9 months before. That woman was in a hospital gown, laying on a birthing table with her feet up in stirrups. The 13 have a quiet spell being chanted over and over. At approximately 2: 45 am I’m standing in the semi-circle with a doctor. He asks me if I’m ready and if I’ve been practicing. I answered yes to both. For the last 2-4 weeks I worked on stabbing a mango, an avocado, a boiled egg and a ball of play-doh with a scalpel. I did not see what I was doing as killing a baby. But I did recognize that I was taking a life or murdering a person. At least that first time. After that is was explained to me about killing innocents and hurting God. At 3am I’m dressed in a red robe with my cowl raised. I have on surgical gloves and mask. The doctor is next to me dressed as a doctor. He wasn’t just dressed as a doctor though. I personally knew him as a real doctor. The spell is spoken the final time and an offering is made. I insert the scalpel carefully into the young lady. I’ve been told to be careful and gentle. We have a sacrifice to make but I am not to hurt the messenger or carrier. At this point the baby is in the birth canal. I stab carefully a few times into the woman with the scalpel. I still do not know if either the baby or mother had ingested any meds to assist in the abortion or not, and I am not even sure if I was successful in where I was stabbing, I was so nervous at the time. When I extracted my hand the scalpel and glove were bloody. The doctor then took over. I stood there trembling it was a huge adrenaline rush for me. I had committed my first murder (first of 146 abortions) and it was legal. The doctor finished up then inserted forceps that looked like scissors with a curved part to go inside the woman and it had jagged teeth. I stood by the 13 members. We are no longer in a semi-circle now we are facing the women on the floor who are still kneeling, swaying, making a humming or buzzing sound with eyes rolled back in their heads and wild grimaces on their faces as if in a state of demonic ecstasy. The doctor finishes the procedure then tears the baby apart and throws baby parts out onto the floor in the midst of all the women they immediately pounce on all the parts, fighting for them and devouring them. They cannibalized everything but the bones. All the females in a possessed blood frenzy start a sex orgy which everyone in the room joins in on. I’m showered and back in my street clothes by 6am and I’ve snuck back in my house before 7am. Just in time for my parents to wake up me and my brother and have us get ready and go to church.” (Zachary King, Abortion Is A Satanic Sacrifice: The CD Transcript, 471-542 (Kindle Edition); Maitland, Florida; MCP Books)

Friends, abortion is a satanic sacrifice-whether or not occultism is directly involved in it, or not. Forgiveness and healing are available through Jesus Christ (Isaiah 61:1-3; Acts 2:37-47).

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