Profound Lessons From Quantum Entanglement And The Bible

It is written:

“Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out!” (Romans 11:33)

Evidence for the existence of God and the inspiration of the Bible continues to mount from the realms of science. One modern example comes from something known as “quantum entanglement.” Missler has written:

“What’s more, paired particles appear to communicate instantaneously even after they are separated from each other, so that Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle applies even with paired particles. For instance, we can’t measure the location of one particle and the momentum of its twin particle. It’s like they are connected, and they obey the Uncertainty Principle together. We can’t measure the vertical spin and the horizontal spin of one particle, but we also cannot measure the vertical spin of one particle and the horizontal spin of its paired particle. The particles appeared to “know” what is being done to their twins -and they do so faster than the speed of light. If the particles instantly communicate, how do they do it? How are they connected? Where are they connected? The faster-than-light communication of quantum particles suggests things going on backstage, beyond the curtain of the world that we can see….In a BBC interview, Bell said, “It is as if there is some kind of conspiracy, that something is going on behind the scenes which is not allowed to appear on the scenes. And I agree that that’s extremely uncomfortable.”[ 9] In 1982, Alain Aspect, Jean Dalibard, and Gérard Roger at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Optics in Paris conducted a landmark experiment -the so-called two-particle experiment -which directly demonstrated that particles were able to communicate faster than the speed of light.[ 10] Aspect and his team heated cesium atoms using lasers, which sent two photons travelling in opposite directions through six-and-a-half meters of pipe to special polarization analyzers. The photons communicated in 10 nanoseconds, 30 nanoseconds faster than information could have passed at light speed through the 13 meters between them. By this point, there was no doubt about the results they’d get. Quantum mechanics had already been proven many times in different ways, but this was the first direct experiment using technology that could catch the particles in the act of communicating. The astonishing conclusion of the experiment is that paired quanta are not independent of each other. They are not behaving freely as separate particles in their own locations. They are connected in a way that implies faster-than-light-speed intimacy. This “quantum entanglement” of particles has been seen over and over, but Aspect’s landmark experiment was the first to directly demonstrate it. Niels Bohr has famously declared, “Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.” The more we understand quantum mechanics, the less we know how to deal with the quantum world. It’s as though every particle in the universe is secretly connected to every other particle, but after years of smashing protons against each other, we still cannot fully explain these mysteries.” (Dr. Chuck Missler, Angels Volume One: Cosmic Warfare, 365-405 (Kindle Edition); Coeur d’Alene, ID; Koinonia House Inc.)


Let’s consider a few things about these modern scientific discoveries and what they teach us.

First, there. can be no doubt that these experiments demonstrate that particles are connected in a way that transcends matter, space, and time. In other words, these findings confirm the teaching of Scripture regarding the fact that there are multiple dimensions beyond the four that we experience (height, length, depth, and time). The connectivity of these particles shows that they are joined together in ways that transcend our limited understanding of the universe in which we inhabit. The evidence is clear that there are multiple dimensions of reality that we are empirically unaware of. This fits in perfectly with the teaching of the Word of God (cf. Ephesians 6:12; 2 Kings 6:15-17).

Some of the ancient Jewish rabbis taught that there are at least ten dimensions (based on their studies of Genesis 1). It is even possible that Adam and Eve had access to these realms, and that this was “lost” when they sinned against God in the Garden of Eden.

“There is a view –just a view –that Adam and Eve were able to experience the original 10-dimensional universe and God’s direct presence. In this view, when God cursed Adam and Eve and kicked them out of the Garden of Eden, they lost access to the six higher dimensions….Perhaps Adam and Eve had access to the presence of God, and the curse separated them from directly experiencing the spiritual. We lost access to those other dimensions, and everything we now know and experience is post-curse. We have no concept of the world before sin, which creates puzzles that are hard to solve. We have evidence that the speed of light is slowing down, [21] but most physicists do not factor this issue into their equations. We have both physical and Scriptural evidence that additional dimensions do exist, but we can’t see them with our physical eyes.” (Dr. Chuck Missler, Beyond Perception, 842-854 (Kindle Edition); Coeur d’Alene, ID; Koinonia House)

Some ancient Jewish historical books seem to point to these conclusions.

For example:

“8 And Adam said to Eve, “Look at thine eyes, and at mine, which afore beheld angels in heaven, praising; and they, too, without ceasing. 9 “But now we do not see as we did: our eyes have become of flesh; they cannot see in like manner as they saw before.” (Forgotten Books Of Eden 4:8-9)

“And the Lord said unto Adam and Eve, “You transgressed of your own free will, until you came out of the garden in which I had placed you. 5 “Of your own free will have you transgressed through your desire for divinity, greatness, and an exalted state, such as I have; so that I deprived you of the bright nature in which you then were, and I made you come out of the garden to this land, rough and full of trouble. 6 “If only you had not transgressed My commandment and had kept My law, and had not eaten of the fruit of the tree, near which I told you not to come! And there were fruit trees in the garden better than that one. 7 “But the wicked Satan who continued not in his first estate, nor kept his faith; in whom was no good intent towards Me, and who though I had created him, yet set Me at naught, and sought the Godhead, so that I hurled him down from heaven,–he it is who made the tree appear pleasant in your eyes, until you ate of it, by hearkening to him. 8 “Thus have you transgressed My commandment, and therefore have I brought upon you all these sorrows. 9 “For I am God the Creator, who, when I created My creatures, did not intend to destroy them. But after they had sorely roused My anger, I punished them with grievous plagues, until they repent. 10 “But, if on the contrary, they still continue hardened in their transgression, they shall be under a curse for ever.”. (Lost Books Of Eden 6:4-10)

Second, the facts of this experiment remind us that the speed of light is not the constant that it was once believed to be. These particles were able somehow to communicate faster than the speed of light! The speed of light has always been an interesting factor to consider in studying Christian Evidences. Brad Harrub has well-written:

“The distance to stars is often recorded in light years. One light year is the distance light can travel in a vacuum in one year (approximately 5.88 trillion miles.) Thus, we often read reports of stars being x light-years away. Evolutionists and those who believe the earth is millions of years old argue that it would take millions of years for light from distant galaxies to reach us on earth. However, the “starlight and time” argument has several flaws and assumptions that Christians should be aware of: 1. God created everything mature. We know from Genesis 2 that the trees were already producing fruit, and given that Adam was naming the animals before Eve was created (Genesis 2: 19-20), one can logically deduce that God created Adam grown and not as a helpless infant unable to communicate. This same truth can also be applied to the stars and heavenly bodies. When Adam and Eve looked into the sky, they were already able to see starlight, even though stars were only two days old. While this answer explains some aspects of starlight and time, it doesn’t explain how we can see stars exploding or growing in intensity that are millions of light years away. The reason we see these changes is because light is reaching us on the earth today. This scientific truth demands additional answers. 2. The universe is expanding. This is a scientific fact that can easily be proven by the movement of modern-day stars. This movement indicates the universe is not eternal, but rather is expanding outward. As Robert Jastrow observed, “The lingering decline predicted by astronomers for the end of the world differs from the explosive conditions they have calculated for its birth, but the impact is the same: modern science denies an eternal existence to the universe, either in the past or the future” (WW. Norton, (1977), Until the Sun Dies, New York, p. 30, emp. added). This constant expansion means that some of the light we are observing today originated from distant galaxies that were closer in the past. In other words, the light we see today must have began its journey when galaxies were closer (and also much smaller and less energetic) than today. 3. It is a scientific fact that gravity plays a role on time, and could also play a role on the speed of light. We know that clocks on top of skyscrapers or mountains run faster than those closer to sea level due to the fact that the lower elevation is closer to the earth—the source of gravity. Some have suggested that the earth is in a “gravitational well” and is located in the center of the universe. If that were the case, this gravitational well would mean we experience things slower (like the clock at sea level) than things further out in space….While light travels at a constant speed (186,000 miles per second) on earth, we are not certain how (or how fast) light travels in distant space. In 2000, the Associated Press recounted how scientists had broken the speed of light. The report noted that: In an experiment in Princeton, New Jersey, physicists sent a pulse of laser light through cesium vapor so quickly that it left the chamber before it had even finished entering. The pulse traveled 310 times the distance it would have covered if the chamber had contained a vacuum. Researchers say it is the most convincing demonstration yet that the speed of light—supposedly an ironclad rule of nature—can be pushed beyond known boundaries, at least under certain laboratory circumstances http:// 2000/ TECH/ space/ 07/ 20/ speed.of.light.ap/). If the speed of light is not the constant that we have always assumed, then our calculations for how far stars are from the earth would be incorrect. Bear in mind no one knows for sure how light behaves in deep space. 5. In addition to the speed of light being variable, it is also unknown as to whether light has traveled at the same speed throughout the history of the universe….Again, if the speed of light has not been uniform throughout the history of the universe then all of our calculations for starlight and time would hold no value. One could safely assume that the starlight we receive today would have covered much greater distances in space in the early years following creation….Other theories have been given, such as the idea that the universe may be curved and thus light travels quicker along curved pathways. This concept of a curved universe is known as Riemannian Space and was first proposed by Parry Moon and Domina Spencer in 1953. But the evidence is clear that several possibilities exist—and with those scientific possibilities one need not be worried with the puzzle of starlight and time. Rather, one should remember, “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork” (Psalm 19: 1). Rather than doubt or question God, we should stand in awe: “When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained… (Psalm 8: 3, emp. added)” (Brad Harrub, Ph.D., Convicted: A Scientist Examines The Evidence For Christianity,).” (5055-5175 (Kindle Edition); Brentwood, TN: Focus Press)

Third, these facts demonstrate to us the fact that in some way, shape, or form, everything in our universe shares a bond that transcends the material and the physical. Indeed, “in Him, we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:26-28).

Fourth, these facts speak to the incredible Mind of God. Should we not entrust our lives to His care?

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