Answering Atheism (Ten)

It is written:

“When you meet them and see their behavior, you will understand that these things are not being done to Israel without cause. I, the Sovereign LORD, have spoken!” (Ezekiel 14:23 NLT)

Atheists often argue that the evil in the universe testified against the existence of God. Yet the facts actually demonstrate the opposite conclusion.

There was a time when the Prophet Ezekiel questioned the suffering that painfully evident in his day, and tried to rationalize how God could allow such to happen. The Lord explained to him that He had a good reason for allowing the suffering to continue, and that one day the Prophet would understand that reason.

It is here that we need to remember that just because evil and suffering continue to exist AT THIS PRESENT MOMENT, does not mean that they always will.

“The argument against God from evil makes some arrogant assumptions. Just because evil is not destroyed right now does not mean that it never will be. The argument implies that if God hasn’t done anything as of today, then it won’t ever happen. But this assumes that the person making the argument has some inside information about the future. If we restate the argument to correct this oversight in temporal perspective, it turns out to be an argument that vindicates God. 1. If God is all-good, He will defeat evil. 2. If God is all-powerful, He can defeat evil. “3. Evil is not yet defeated. 4. Therefore, God can and will one day defeat evil. The very argument used against the existence of God turns out to be a vindication of God in the face of the problem of evil. …God isn’t finished yet. The final chapter has not been written. Apparently God would rather wrestle with our rebellious wills than to reign supreme over rocks and trees. Those who want a quicker resolution to the conflict will have to wait.” (Norman L. Geisler & Ronald M. Brooks, When Skeptics Ask: A Handbook On Christian Evidences, 64-65 (Kindle Edition); Grand Rapids, Michigan; Baker Books)

Throughout time, God has used suffering to bring about greater good then anyone could ever have imagined. This does not mean that God is responsible for the evil and suffering, but that He can work through it to bring about His good purposes.

The greatest Example of this is how God allowed the greatest evil ever perpetrated-the death of His Son-to bring about the forgiveness of sins for those who will humble themselves and seek His plan of redemption (Acts 2:36-47).

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