The Science Of Human Population Statistics Confirms The Bible

It is written:

“And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings,” (Acts 17:26)

Evolutionists maintain that the Earth is billions of years old; yet the Bible maintains that it is relatively young (around six thousand years old).

Which is correct?

The science of human population statistics confirms the Bible’s narrative:

“One of the strongest arguments for a young Earth comes from the field of human population statistics. According to historical records, the human population on Earth doubles approximately every 35 years. If you break down that figure, it represents an annual increase of 20,000 people per every million. Let’s suppose that humankind started with just two individuals (we will call them Adam and Eve for the sake of our argument). And suppose that they lived on the Earth one million years ago (some evolutionists suggest that man, in one form or another, has been on the Earth 2- 3 million years). Suppose, further, that an average generation was 42 years, and that each family had an average of 2.4 children. (They probably had many more than that, but we will use a conservative estimate that would allow for at least some population growth; if a family unit had only two children, there would be zero population growth, since each parent simply would replace himself or herself, providing no net increase.) Allowing for wars, famine, diseases, and other devastation, there would be approximately 1 x 10 5000 people on the Earth today! That number is a 1 followed by 5,000 zeroes. But the entire Universe (at an estimated size of 20 billion light- years in diameter) would hold only 1 x 10 100 people. Evolutionary time scales simply cannot account for the present, relatively small human population. However, using young- Earth figures (of eight people having survived the Noahic Flood), the current world population would be around 6- 8 billion people. The question is— which of the two figures is almost right on target, and which could not possibly be correct?” (Eric Lyons & Kyle Butt, The Dinosaur Delusion: Dismantling Evolution’s Most Cherished Icon, 1917-1927 (Kindle Edition); Montgomery, Alabama; Apologetics Press)

While many are willfully ignorant of the Bible’s teaching, the evidence continues to abound: the Bible is true!

Wouldn’t we be wise to build our lives on God’s holy Book?

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