Demonic Origins Of Islam

It is written :

“Give no regard to mediums and familiar spirits; do not seek after them, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God.” (Leviticus 19:31)

Throughout God’s Word, we are told that mediums and wizards are those who consult the dead on behalf of the living (Isaiah 8:19; 1 Samuel 28). God has always condemned this practice (1 Chronicles 10:13; Deuteronomy 18:9-10).

Many are unaware, however, that the religion known as Islam had its origin in the demonic practice of necromancy (summoning the dead). Norman Geisler has pointed out:

“One of the most widely respected modern Muslim biographer, Muhammad Husayn Haykal, speaks vividly of Muhammad’s plaguing fear that he was demon possessed: Stricken with panic, Muhammad arose and asked himself, ‘What did I see? Did possession of the devil which I feared all along come to pass?’ Muhammad looked to his right and his left but saw nothing. For a while he stood there trembling with fear and stricken with awe. He feared the cave might be haunted and that he might run away still unable to explain what he saw. [74, emphasis added] Haykal notes that Muhammad had feared demon possession before, but his wife Khadijah talked him out of it. For “as she did on earlier occasions when Muhammad feared possession by the devil, so now stood firm by her husband and devoid of the slightest doubt.” Thus “respectfully, indeed reverently, she said to him, ‘Joy to my cousin! Be firm. By him who dominates Khadijah’s soul I pray and hope that you will be the Prophet of this nation. By God, he will not let you down’” (ibid., 75). Indeed, Haykal’s description of Muhammad’s experience of receiving a “revelation” fits that of other mediums.” (Norman Geisler, Baker Encyclopedia Of Christian Apologetics, 505 (Kindle Edition); Grand Rapids, Michigan; Baker Books).

Please observe that, for a time, Muhammad believed he was demonically possessed and being attacked by jinn (false and evil spirits). Two former Muslims write about this:

“Muhammad was deathly afraid of the source of the revelation, believing at first that he was possessed by an evil spirit, or jinn…Remember that the tortured prophet repeatedly believed himself to be demon possessed…Third, later revelations became more and more eccentric. At one point Muhammad claimed to speak to the dead. Questioned about the incident by his novice disciples, the prophet replied, “[The dead] hear me no less than you do, except that they are unable to answer me.” (Ergun Mehmet Caner & Emirr Fethi Caner, Unveiling Islam: An Insider Look At Muslim Life And Belief, 311-377 (Kindle Edition); Grand Rapids, Michigan; Kregel Publications).

The religion of Islam has its origins from wicked spirits, not from the one true God. Why not turn away from this religion today and embrace the religion of Christ, which has been supernaturally confirmed in numerous irrefutable and verifiable ways?

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