Archaeology And The Seven Year Famine

It is written:

“For seven years there will be plenty of food in Egypt. 30  But then there will be seven years of hunger. The people will forget how much food there had been in Egypt before. This famine will ruin the country.” (Genesis 41:29-30)

The Bible tells us that in the time of Joseph, there were seven years of great plenty and abundance, which would be followed by seven years of terrible famine in all the world. According to Scripture, God providentially placed Joseph in Egypt to prepare storehouses of food to feed the world during that time of famine.

Incredibly, archaeology has provided incredible corroboration of these events.

For example, the grave from a woman in Yemen from the time of the famine talks not only about the famine, but also about how she had sent her servant to Joseph for food!

“In thy name O God, the God of Hamyar, I Tajah, the daughter of Dzu Shefar, sent my steward to Joseph, And he delaying to return to me, I sent my hand maid With a measure of silver, to bring me back a measure of flour: And not being able to procure it, I sent her with a measure of gold: And not being able to procure it, I sent her with a measure of pearls: And not being able to procure it, I commanded them to be ground: And finding no profit in them, I am shut up here. Whosoever may hear of it, let him commiserate me; And should any woman adorn herself with an ornament From my ornaments, may she die with no other than my death.” (Rule and Anderson, Biblical Monuments, 9).

Other ancient inscriptions also provide powerful corroboration of the famine.

“We dwelt at ease in this castle a long tract of time; nor had we a desire but for the region-lord of the vineyard. Hundreds of camels returned to us each day at evening, their eye pleasant to behold in their resting-places. And twice the number of our camels were our sheep, in comeliness like white does, and also the slow moving kine. We dwelt in this castle seven years of good life—how difficult for memory its description! Then came years barren and burnt up: when one evil year had passed away, then came another to succeed it. And we became as though we had never seen a glimpse of good. They died and neither foot nor hoof remained. Thus fares it with him who renders not thanks to God: His footsteps fail not to be blotted out from his dwelling.” (Charles Forster, Sinai Photographed (London: Richard Bentley, 1862).

Indeed, the Bible is continually confirmed and proven true in the midst of an unbelieving and hostile world.

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