Seventy Faces

Scripture declares:

“Your testimonies also are my delight And my counselors.” (Psalm 119:24)

There is incredible blessing in studying the Word Of God! While each passage of Scripture has beautiful direction for us, buried within the text are incredible treasure for us.

“Let me illustrate: If you look at a drop of water with the naked eye, you see just one drop of water. But if you put that drop of water under a microscope, you see a whole world of life within it, things that you could never see without the magnification. So it is with the Word of God. You may see just one word, but put that word under a spiritual microscope, and you will see a whole world of life within it that you hadn’t even begun to imagine. The Jewish Talmud* teaches that there are “seventy faces” to Torah.* That is, every verse could have seventy different shades of meaning. The Word of God is pictured as a gemstone that is taken out to the sunlight. When the light reflects off the gemstone, it displays many different colors. To be sure, there is a literal meaning to every verse, and the Talmud does warn that we are never to wander away from the pashat , or the literal meaning. Yet the literal interpretation is like the surface of the ocean. It is beautiful and vast, but if you dive beneath that surface—similar to observing that drop of water under a microscope—you will find a brand-new world filled with amazing wonders. This, again, is how it is with the Word of God.” (Chaim Bentorah, Hebrew Word Study: Revealing The Heart Of God, 236-240 (Kindle Edition); New Kensington, PA; Whitaker House)

How we need to take more time to study and learn the holy Word Of God!

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