Dinosaur Soft Tissue…Another Proof Against Darwinism  

By: Mark Tabata (Evangelist)

I cannot think of anyone who is not interested in dinosaurs. Especially children!

Sadly, these “terrible lizards” have often been the focal point of brainwashing of our society.

You see, evolutionists maintain that dinosaurs were wiped out in a global catastrophe some 64 million years before humans showed up.

Usually, public schools, media outlets, and propagandists of all sorts try to drill this into mankind.

At the same time, those who believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God (based on the law of rationality-Acts 26:25; 1 Peter 3:15) are hailed as ignorant bumpkins. Why? Because the Bible is clear that dinosaurs and humans coexisted together (cf. Exodus 20:9-11).

Evolutionists must maintain their mantra with a fixed mind: there can be no deviation from materialism!

That is why so many evolutionists have been quite disturbed by the fact that over the last several years, dinosaur fossils have been uncovered which still possess flesh and blood.

You realize why that is an incredible find, don’t you? If dinosaurs actually died out some 64 MILLION YEARS AGO, there could not be flesh and blood on their bones! (I learned this lesson from my first zombie movie when I was young: flesh and blood decay!)

If dinosaurs were actually that old, there could be no trace of flesh and blood in their remains.

Nevertheless, several such specimens have been found in recent years.

This shows us again that the evolutionary timetable is a huge fraud. It also adds its’ voice to the chorus of scientific discovery which confirms that the Bible is authentic.

But are we really certain the flesh and blood cannot survive that long? Indeed we are. Several authors have documented this evidence.

Notice one:

“Two years later, Schweitzer found the protein collagen in a T. rex bone,[11],[12] and followed it with the discovery of collagen in hadrosaur bone,[13] dated as ‘older’ than the T. rex (80 Ma compared to 65 Ma). Yet analysis of collagen stability shows that it would last only 2.7 Ma at freezing point under the most favourable preservation conditions. At 10°C, the limit was 180,000 years, and 15,000 years at 20°C;[14],[15] dinosaurs were supposed to live in a warm climate. Furthermore, other researchers discovered bones of an Iguanodon, allegedly twice as old (‘dated’ to 120 Ma), which contained enough of the protein osteocalcin to produce an immune reaction.[16],[17] Yet even at freezing point, this protein should not last this long—only 110 Ma.14,15 Given the much warmer climates during the alleged Age of Dinosaurs, even this figure is implausible; given that osteocalcin would last 7.5 Ma at 10°C and 580,000 years at 20°C, the maximum lifetimes indicated by these two protein discoveries are even shorter: 15,000 and 580,000 years, respectively.” (Jonathan Sarfati,, The Greatest Hoax On Earth: Refuting Dawkins On Evolution, 5632-5648 (Kindle Edition, emphasis added M.T.); Powder Springs, GA; Creation Book Publishers)

The science is very clear! Yet despite this, many evolutionists continue to cling to the fantasy of Darwinism.

Indeed, several come out and acknowledged all of this, yet continue to maintain that there must be some kind of unknown process by which flesh and blood from all around the globe can survive over MILLIONS of years (despite the clear and irrefutable scientific evidence which shows this is impossible).

Notice the irony! Christians are the ones referred to as ignorant and prejudiced: yet when the scientific evidences confirms the Bible’s statements, evolutionists turn away from the evidence and blindly continue to endorse Darwinism.

Instead of following the evidence where it leads, they will instead often turn away from the facts to hold to their worldview.

It is much easier to accept lies than to follow where the evidence leads and to acknowledge the existence of the infinitely perfect God before Whom we will one Day stand in judgment.

Please notice again my friends that the Bible is continually confirmed to be authentic in its’ claims. Scientific discovery always confirms the Word of God. His Word calls upon believers to be saved from their sin through the death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day (1 Corinthians 15:1-8).

We are cleansed from our sin when as believers we repent and are baptized into Christ Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins. Why not begin building your life on His Word today (Acts 2:37-38)?

The grace of The Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen.

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