The Messianic King Of Psalm 22 (One)

It is written: “To the Chief Musician. Set to "The Deer of the Dawn." a Psalm of David.” (Psalm 22:1 Superscription) Throughout the Old Testament, there are many prophecies made of the Savior that God would send to the Earth to redeem mankind. This Savior was known among the Jewish people as the Messiah (literally,... Continue Reading →

The Scarlet Worm 

By: Mark Tabata (Evangelist) The more I study the Scriptures, the more I am amazed at the various ways they point to Jesus Christ. It is, after all, a fact that the Prophets bear witness to Jesus Christ (Acts 10:43). Yet the incredible ways in which this testimony is manifested are absolutely incredible. Consider with... Continue Reading →

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