The History Of The Fez

All my life, I have heard of the Shriners Hospitals that do so much to help children who are hurting and afflicted with various diseases and ailments. I have, in fact, known some people who have been helped by these hospitals. And I am very thankful for them and what they do! I have seen... Continue Reading →

Does The Masonic Lodge Exalt The Bible?  

By: Mark Tabata (Evangelist) Perhaps one of the reasons I thought that Freemasonry was a good institution at first was that I was told it exalted the Bible. Several friends informed me that the Bible was placed on an altar in the Lodge, and that much Masonic ritual was based upon the Holy Scriptures. Surely,... Continue Reading →

The Decisive Deception Of Freemasonry 

By: Mark Tabata (Evangelist) Through the years, I have had many friends who were involved in the Masonic Lodge. When I first started studying Freemasonry, I was simply curious to see if it was compatible with Christianity. After all, I had known many Christians who were also members of the Lodge; so surely they were... Continue Reading →

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