Paganism 36

(NOTE: Some of the themes of these articles may not be appropriate for young readers. Please keep that in mind when sharing this information).

It is written:

“I know that after I leave, some men will come into your group. They will be like wild wolves and will try to destroy the flock. 30  Also, men from your own group will begin to teach things that are wrong. They will lead some of the Lord’s followers away from the truth to follow them. 31  So be careful! And always remember what I did during the three years I was with you. I never stopped reminding each one of you how you should live, counseling you day and night and crying over you.” (Acts 20:29-31)

Another fundamental work of many pagans and Satanists is an attempt to destroy churches.

This may be accomplished through several different tactics, one of which is through curses and spells.

Here in Hazard, we have been told repeatedly from several sources that pagan groups have tried to destroy the church of Christ in Couchtown through this way. One pagan informed a member of our church that their group had been trying to curse us and destroy for years. Another woman told a friend of mine that they had been aware of our church for years, and meet periodically to cast spells against us.

Another person that I studied with informed me that he was part of a group of pagans who live between the Hazard and Jackson area. They have made it their life’s work to destroy churches. They are heavily vested in the politics of Eastern Kentucky, and do everything they can to influence anti-Christian legislations as well as work in the shadows to break up Christian churches.

Quite often, if these spells do not work, pagans may resort to other more drastic methods. One Satanist told a member of our church that his group was going to start resorting to more direct methods to destroy us because there was a protection around our church that they could not breach. Another pagan tried to get his coven to move directly against us. Here were some of the texts that he sent to them:

“Call this man and tell him I’m god…and he’s got karma to burn….he gets food boxes to….someone call this Mark Tabata….Take up swords crusaders a new level of conference and power call Mark Tabata….get everyone you know and everyone they know to post this….take up your swords crusaders….I want him dead, I want his family dead, I want his house burnt to the ground.”

This gentleman was familiar with the fact that our church helps those in need with food boxes, and tried to use this against us. I invited each of the ones in this group to meet and talk with me at our church, but none showed up. My friends, I share these things here to try and encourage you to realize that paganism and Satanism are real, and that we are surrounded by enemies in the world who would see us destroyed. As Christians, we must reach out with the Gospel even to our enemies (Matthew 5:44-45), and stand against the forces that hate us and the Lord that we serve (Ephesians 6:10-18).

Another method that pagans may use to try and destroy churches is infiltration. They may attempt to enter into a church in order to try and divide it and destroy it from within. Sadly, this can often be done with little effort. A couple of pagans that I have worked with locally have told me that they have infiltrated churches in our area. They will get into positions of leadership and authority (such as teaching children’s Sunday school classes), and the Christians are unaware that they actually worship the pagan gods. Another told a friend of mine in this area that they will intentionally join churches in order to try and divide them up and destroy them from within.

Several former pagans and satanists have further documented these things, which will be the focus of our next study.

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